Borderlands 2 Lost Treasure Quest Guide

If you’re playing Borderlands 2 then there’s a major chance that you’re tearing your hairs out for one quest titled ‘The Lost Treasure’. Don’t worry though as we have prepared this Borderlands 2 Lost Treasure quest guide to help you.

Well you don’t need to worry much as The Lost Treasure is not a mandatory quest but just an optional mission given by the Echo Recording in the Sawtooth Cauldron at level 28. It rewards you with 6983 XP and $1074

Borderlands 2 Lost Treasure Quest

Start by fast-traveling to Sawtooth Cauldron. Once you spawn you’ll see a precipice ahead of you. Jump down from the end and follow the trail to the right.

Sawtooth Precipice
You’ll spot a box besides a chair with a pair of panties on top. Open the box to start the quest.

Now get to the area below and kill all the bandits to get four maps. You will get the pieces of the map by killing different bandits and randomly they will be dropping the four pieces that you need.

Treasure Map
Now begins the second part of the main quest. Head on to the Caustic Caverns.

Under the acid-soaked railway
Upon entering the Caustic Caverns turn right to reach an area with large yellow columns supporting a destroyed rail track. Go to the third column and hit the switch at it’s base which is on the middle support pylon holding up remnants of old rail.

In the warehouse on the shore
Head north past the railway until you come to an area with a warehouse that has a larvae within. Head outside to where the warehouse meets the shore and look for a switch.

The switch in this infested warehouse is on the wall facing the broken concrete slab with a green weapon chest.

In the digger’s shadow
Head for the big mining digger in the west. The switch is on the side of a transformer which is under the front of a bucket wheel excavator.

Within Dahl’s bloody sixth
You’ll find the last switch within the Dahl Deep Core 06. This area is right is closed off until you make a full circle of the map. The switch will be on a wall in corner, so look for these spots.

Once you are done with all these four switches, you need to pass through the area with all the Spiderlings, you’ll find a door leading to the Dahl 6 Core area. It’s a small room blood on the walls and a ladder leading up to the surface. Hit the switch on the wall to get the location of the treasure.

Head on to the Ramparts above the mining facility to reach the treasure.

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