Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs Locations Guide

Borderlands 2 is a thoroughly fascinating game. What makes it so fascinating is the obvious passion its developers share for gaming and pop culture. This is evident by all the references placed throughout the game. This guide will help you locate these Borderlands 2 Easter eggs for yourself to enjoy.

Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs Locations

Please note that most of these references are verbal, only a few exist physically in the game. First, we will guide you how to find physically existing references, then we will talk about the verbal references.

Dark Souls Easter Egg
Like Dark Souls, this Easter egg is extremely difficult to find. It is located in the Caustic Caverns on the east-side of the map where the rare Crystalisk Blue is placed. Cross northern river until you reach the island with a lone tree.

Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch Easter Egg
This is a gun found in Borderlands 2, which is a reference to a real life……….. dildo. Yes, you read that right. When equipped, it will make your controller vibrate continuously even when you aren’t firing.

When you zoom in using this gun, the controller will vibrate more vigorously. It can be acquired by leaving up to $15,000 tips in Mad Moxxi’s tip jar at her bar. She will give it to you once you do that.

Minecraft Easter Eggs
Borderlands 2 Minecraft Easter egg can be found in the Caustic Caverns. In the north-western section of the map, you will find train tracks, just follow them. Follow the tracks to a massive door and when you reach the door, turn right. Jump over the Minecraft-Ty boxes and continue down the side path until you come across Minecraft dirt blocks.

Destroy these boxes with your melee attack and you will discover the secret area. In this area, you will encounter a creeper, defeat it to unlock Minecraft Head Skin.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Egg
Once you have made it to the sanctuary, begin a side quest by talking to Dr.Tannis in the Crimson Red Headquarters. She will instruct you to kill four escaped mutants from her lab. Furthermore, these mutants are hiding in the Bloodshot Stronghold Sewers.

Once you get to the hideout, just pretend you are the pizza delivery boy while talking to them over the intercom, and they will open the gate for you themselves.
Jump down and place a pizza in the table in front to get the mutants out. The mutants will reveal themselves to be turtles named Lee, Ralph, Mick and Dan.

Double Rainbow Meme Easter Egg
In order to locate this Easter egg, you will need to reach the Highland area. Once you have reached Highland area, fast travel to the Hyperion Bridge spot. From Hyperion Bridge spot, catch a ride and travel up to the Hyperion Base on the eastern-side of the map. Fight the enemies here while using the weapons with corrosive damage.

Make your way to the end of the base and you will find yourself on a cliff. Look down and you will spot a red tent. Drop-down to the tent and you will get a message from either Handsome Jack or Claptrap.

Donkey Kong Easter Egg
This Easter egg is located in the Eridium Blight. Travel to the south-west corner of the map passing through a Hyperion gate. Turn right as you pass through the gate and up to the hall.

Check out the hills with lots of Bullymongs and Rakts. There’s a chance Donkey Mong will randomly appear. Like Donkey, Kong Donkey Mong also loves to throw the barrels on his back at you.

Batman Easter Egg
Complete the side quest given to you by the Scooter in the arctic fridge area. Enter the room after Laney leaves leading to an area with rat-filled path. At the end, you can find an area called the “Rakk Cave.” Inside, you’ll have to fight an enemy called “Rakkman” who uses smoke bombs and boomerangs to fight.

Top Gun Easter Egg
You can find an NPC named “Loggins” in the Dust. Kenny Loggins was the singer of the Top Gun theme song, “Danger Zone.” Loggins is a pilot and constantly refers to Top Gun by saying “Goose,” “Where is the Highway” and “I’m requesting a fly-by.”

World Of Warcraft Easter Egg
One of the Badass Challenges for saving money is called “For The Hoard.”

Breaking Bad Easter Egg
Salvador can unlock a head skin which makes him look like Walter White.

Skyrim Easter Egg
People in Sanctuary love to shout “I used to be a Vault Hunter like you, but then I took a bullet to the knee,” Please shoot them whenever they do so.

Fallout 3 Easter Egg
You can find a random Bandit shotgun called “thre dog”. A reference to the Radio DJ of the same name in Fallout 3.

Dirty Harry Easter Egg
One of the Gunzerker’s skills in the skill tree is titled “Five Shots or Six.” That is a reference to the movie Dirty Harry.

Hangover In The Face Easter Egg
There is a man named Face McShooty begging you to fire a bullet at his face. To find this person you must first travel in a specific order starting from Sanctuary/Sanctuary Hole enter Three Horns – divide, then go southwest to Three Horns – Valley, then go west to The Fridge, then go northwest to The Highlands – outwash, then go west to The Highlands, then go southwest to Thousand Cuts, Then go Northwest to find the mission.

Yu Gi Oh Easter Egg
Several of Zer0’s lines involve the use of “trap card” and the “activation” of it. Obvious reference to Yu-Gi-Oh.

Lion King Easter Egg
In the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve, there’s a pair of creatures named Pimon and Tumbaa. A play on the names of The Lion King characters Timon and Pumbaa.

Snow White Easter Eggs
A quest in The Freezer in which you fight a Snow White-type character and her seven midgets.

Firefly Easter Egg
A skin of Zero is called “Leaf On The Wind”.

Limp Bizkit Easter Egg
A challenge called “Dolla Dolla Bills ya’all”.

Joker Easter Egg
There is a skin for Zer0 called, Why So Serious? It makes Zer0 have a green and black bodysuit with a white and purple faceplate.

3 : 10 to Yuma Easter Egg
There’s a mission in Lynchwood called “3:10 to Kaboom”, which is a reference to “3:10 to Yuma”.

Rocko’s Modern Life
In “Thousand Cuts” there is a mission called “Rocko’s Modern Stife”. A reference to the animated series “Rocko’s Modern Life”.

Doctor Who Easter Egg
After you’ve recovered Claptrap’s eye he talks about visiting Sir Hammerlock, and he ends his sentence with “Allons-y”, the 10th Doctor’s catchphrase.

Axton’s Easter Egg
It is Undah The Sea skin – The little mermaid. The song in the movie is called Under the Sea and is sung by a Jamaican Crab.

Gaige’s Easter Egg
It is a skin that is always sunny in the Pandora suit. It is also sort of sunny in  Philadelphia too.

Salvadors’ Easter Egg
It is a skin that give to mustaches similar to Western Marshall.

Acid Blood & Acid Net Easter Egg
These two vehicle skins are both referring to Alien content. The Acid Blood one refers to the thing that Aliens’ blood is concentrated with acid.

The Acid Net skin refers to the Aliens vs Predators where the alien has the net design on the top of his head.

Boondock Saints Easter Egg
Veritas or Aequitas gun and shield. You have to complete the clan war mission for the Zaford or Hodunks which will reward you with reference to Boondock Saints movie.

Veruc Easter Egg
It is a flavored text saying “I want this rifle, Daddy!”. It is a reference to the character of the Veruca Salt from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Weapon is manufactured by Dahi, which is a reference to the author of the book named Roald Dahi.

Lord of the Rings Easter Egg
You need to travel back to Claptrap’s place and look inside the fireplace. The echo you will hear there will be the One Ring from LOTR.

You will also come across an enemy ahead called Geary, and you shouldn’t attack him for he dies in just one hit. Wait for him to speak to you and he will snatch the One Ring from you. He will then jump into the lava which will simulate the ending scene of the Lord of the Rings.

Extra Wubs Easter Egg
For this totally meaningless Easter egg, you gotta input the Konami code (Up, UP, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start) on the title screen and it will add an ‘Extra Wubs’ icon on the option screen which in fact does nothing.

Predator Easter Egg
It is a reference to the Stalkers Ability to turn invisible and end with the line “If it bleeds, we can kill it”, which is a line from the Predator movie.

Silent Running Easter Egg
In the Claptrap’s den, there is a reference to the old Sci-fi movie ‘Silent Running’. There will be three Claptraps sitting around a table and playing cards which is a scene from the movie.

Roland’s Facebook Page Easter Egg
You will see a computer screen in the Vault Hunter’s HQ in sanctuary that Roland has his facebook page open displaying a relationship between Roland and Lilith.

There might be several more Easter Eggs hidden in Borderlands 2, if you find any that we haven’t listed, share with us by commenting below!

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