Borderlands 2 Commando Axton Builds Guide

When it comes to knowledge and tactics in the battlefield, no one can be better than the witty Commando who has a large amount of experience behind his back. If Axton is your go-to, this Borderlands 2 Commando Axton Builds guide will be helpful.

The Commando in Borderlands 2, who is an expert in warfare and has the equipment to fend of the largest of threats.

Borderlands 2 Commando Axton Builds

Mr. Commando here has some of the most impactful set of skills to mess around with, particularly his signature turret, which can be turned meaner with some awesome buffs. Here are some ways you might want to build Axton.

Note that these builds are primarily focused on selfless co-op play – but that doesn’t mean they don’t work when you are soloing.

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Build #1

Though many consider the ‘Gunzerker’ as the tank, it’s actually Commando Axton who has the capability to withstand tons of damage while remaining in the frontline. You can say that Axton is a cool hybrid of a supportive gunnery (thanks to the turret) and a tank.

This build is focused on maximizing the survivability and tank aspect of Axton, with heavy investment in the Survival tree, and a decent bit in the guerrilla.

The real marvel of the Survival tree is actually evident during the later stages in its progression, with excellent high-end abilities like Phalanx Shield, Grit, and the best of all, Gemini. Gemini is perhaps Axton’s most powerful ability, allowing you to deploy two Sabre Turrets at one time.

This also means that all Sabre Turret related skills (like Phalanx Shield) will have effects on both turrets, so to amplify the performance. When this aspect is combined with a good team, you can really tank your way into and through anything.

This doubling also applies to the Guerilla tree ability Sentry, hence making both your turrets fire much faster than otherwise. Combine that with Scorched Earth, and you get a tank that is so lethal that you don’t even need anymore explanation.

This Build is really effective against Hyperius the Invincible when he deploys the AoE attack on you! Allowing the Phanax shield to take the attack and deploying the Sabre turrent will diminish Hyperius’s AoE attack! Further more the second turret when deployed will reduce the damage taken even more!

Build #2
“The Nuker”

Though the Survival tree is Axton’s most recognized, and also one that defines his role in co-op games, it’s often a good practice to actually play him with ‘Gunpowder’ in focus.

This build does exactly that, utilizing all the buffs available in Gunpowder, and also taking advantage of the various powerful abilities in the Guerilla tree. However, I recommend using Shotguns and SMGs with this build instead of Assault Rifles.

Most of the good Assault Rifles in the game have burst fire, and we aren’t looking for that, especially considering that Axton will be in the frontline doing the damage dealing and tanking. Thus, burst fire will never really work. So instead of choosing Overload, we opt for Metal Storm, which works so well for those fast-fire-rate-but-inaccurate weapons.

But Metal Storm still isn’t your bread-and-butter ability. In fact, it is Longbow Turret and Nuke. The latter bad boy makes sure you do some crazy burst damage when you spawn the turret, and then Longbow Turret gives you the ability to spawn it at further distances, enabling you to do some long-range nuking.

The points in Guerilla are quite self-explanatory; who doesn’t love adding rocket pods to the turret, and who would mind some faster reloading and better defenses. It’s another solid way to play this soldier, if you ask me.

Build #3
”Commando of all Trades”

Do keep in mind that when I said that Assault Rifles were inconvenient in the previous build, it was meant only for that build.

ARs are actually very good medium-ranged weapons, and for this jack-of-all-trades build for Axton, we will primarily be using them.

Hence, Overload becomes a priority for us in the Gunpowder tree, which also gets accompanied with some points in Metal Storm and buff from Expertise. Additionally, your turret spawn should have a good range, so it’s wise to take Longbow Turret, which also adds extra health to it.

In Survival, the focus is to take all the Shield buffs that are located on the right. These should provide you with some good durability, and though you won’t really be in the frontlines with this kind of a build, it’s always good to have some extra shielding, especially when you are playing solo.

The skills chosen in the Guerilla tree are quite obvious, with take on increasing weapon effectiveness and improving the performance of your turret.

Build #4
“One Man Alone”

Okay, so it’s not always going to be one man alone, but this build is focused on utilizing the powerful abilities in the Guerilla tree, while giving you some serious beefiness from the ever-lovable Survival tree.

If you are the type who know how to use a grenade properly, then you’ll truly cherish the Grenadier skill, in the middle of the Guerilla tree. With 5 points in it, you have the ability to carry five extra grenades, which in my humble opinion is a crazy lot of firepower.

But of course, who could forget the lovely turret’s role as a Commando. That’s why we’ve got some skills there to pamper our machine, with the fantastic Double Up way down at the end, backed up by the earlier available skills like Sentry, Laser Sight, and Scorched Earth.

When it comes to the Survival tree, we take the necessary two primary skills that would increase our durability, followed by a sweet Phalanx Shield when situations get dire, or when you need to protect your allies.

Don’t forget to share your own builds with us in the comments below!

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