Bluehole May Be Facing A PUBG Ban In China, Cutting Off A Big Market

Chinese fans of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds might be in trouble, as Bluehole, the game’s developer, is facing a PUBG ban in China. While nothing’s official yet, Bloomberg has anticipated that the game won’t get a license in China due to the country’s cultural authorities saying that the game, somehow, goes against socialist ideas.

Exactly how PUBG does this remains to be seen, but if the Chinese government wants the game to be banned from the country, it will be banned from the country. This is bad news for Bluehole, as even though the game has already sold well over 10 million units, the possibility of it getting a Chinese release would have opened the door to millions more players.

Either way, the Chinese cultural authorities have often kept various games, movies, and other pieces of entertainment from getting into the country due to them claiming that something goes against the values held by the Chinese Communist Party, the ruling government. We’ll likely be seeing news of some form of terrible PUBG knockoff coming from this as someone attempts to emulate the game’s success in China.

Then again, considering the multiple problems the game already has with hacking and whatnot outside of China, and with the large amounts of Chinese cheating that often come with PC games, the PUBG ban in China might turn out to be something much more fortunate, even if it robs Bluehole of an enormous market for the game.

For now, PUBG fans in China will have to use a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, to circumnavigate the PUBG ban in China. While the Chinese government may eventually overturn the ban and allow PUBG to actually become available in China, that’s going to be pretty unlikely. In the meantime, if you’re Chinese and a fan of PUBG, you may have to find another way to play the game.