Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Keys Locations Guide

In our Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Keys Locations, we have shared the locations of all the Secret Keys that you can find hidden in the game to unlock additional boss fights and Shards to make your runs easier.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Keys Locations

You need keys in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to unlock Secret Rooms scattered in the game. These secret areas can hold additional boss fights or even some Shards. Do note that we are still looking for additional keys and will update the guide to reflect any changes in the future.

Celeste’s Key

Celeste’s Key can be found in the endgame area, the Hall of Termination. Spawn at the fast travel point in the Hall of Termination, exit the room, and follow the stairs to the top.

Reach the room at the top which will be above the fast travel point and use the spell to break the roof above.

Once the roof is destroyed, head up to the room above. You will find a couple of chests here… the Celeste’s Key is inside the second Green Chest.

To find Celeste’s Room, you need to go to Livre Ex Machina. Here, get to the northern save point and turn left. You will find the locked door to the bottom left of a vertical room.

Celeste’s key does not open the room to a boss. Instead, it’s a simple room with many music boxes. You can listen to these and a ghost can occasionally appear. Not much to expect.

Warhorse’s Key

The Warhorse’s Key is found in the Glacier’s Tomb, inside a Green Chest under an enemy in the area. The area is only accessible during the True Ending run.

Warhorse Key is a boss key that allows you to face the Revenant, a Hero of a Forgotten Age. To find the door for Revenant, you need to get to the Garden of Silence. Use the Stained Glass Portal to get here. Once in the Garden of Silence, simple head left to find the Boss’s door. Use the key to open it.

Carpenter’s Key

During the path to the True Ending, acquire Invert from the Inferno Cave. Once done, make your way to the room marked on the map above in the Dian Cachet Cathedral.

Once you are in this room, use Invert and make your way to the ceiling. You will see a Green Chest here. Open it to receive the Carpenter’s Key.

Carpenter’s Key is a boss key that unlocks the Master Carpenter boss fight. To face the Boss, get the key and travel to the Oriental Sorcery Lab. This should be above the Stained Glass Portal. In the Sorcery Lab, use the Carpenter’s Key to unlock the door and face the Master Carpenter.

Millionaire’s Key

The Millionaire’s Key is found in the Den of Behemoths. The area can only be accessed during the True Ending run. When you have faced Gebel and sliced the moon, the portal will take you to this area.

Once at the Den of Behemoths, make your way to the room at the top of the map. In this room, you will find a long bridge that is broken in the center. Use Invert on the bridge and head along the ceiling to reach a Green Chest. Open this Green Chest to get the Millionaire’s Key.

After you get the key, it time to get to the Boss. You fight Millionaire’s Bane using the Millionaire’s Key. With the key in your possession, head back to the Hall of Termination. Here, proceed to the Stained Glass Portal and head right from here. At the door at the end, unlock it and face the boss.

As mentioned earlier, our Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Keys Locations Guide is currently a work-in-progress. We will continue to add more keys if we find them in the future.

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