Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Items Locations Guide

Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night contains numerous types of items e.g. food, materials, consumables, and key items. In this Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Items Locations guide we will explain how each item works in the game and how to acquire them.

Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night Items

There are many different ways to obtain these items. They may be found dispersed in multiple locations or stored in Treasure Chests. Items can also be gained by defeating enemies. Another way to gain items is by buying them from Merchants. In order to craft the item you want, you can also speak to Johannes to perform Alchemy.

Items can be utilized in an assortment of ways. They may be used to regenerate MP/HP, get rid of status ailments, craft a multitude of other items, and gain temporary or even permanent buffs/effects. The most important use of items is to further the story and unlock different areas/quests.

In order to unlock the Item Collector Achievement, you will have to get your hands on at least one of every item type in the game. When you have at least 1x of every item available in the game, ranging from armor, weapons, prepared food and accessories, the Item Collector achievement or trophy will be unlocked.

Let’s now look at all the different items, their effects and crafting requirements, starting with consumables


Consumables can be found as drops or in chests. The more useful ones like the EX variants of items will have smaller drop rates.

Consumables can also be crafted by providing the crafting materials needed to Johannes. The consumables along with their required materials are as follows.

Consumable Description Crafting Materials Needed
EX Potion Medicine for fully restoring health 4x High Potion 3x Panacea
Ether Medicine for restoring a small amount of magic.  1x Small Webbing 1x Monster Bird Tear
Ex Ether  Medicine for fully restoring magic 4x High Ether 3x Panacea
Faerie Allheal Medicine for restoring fully restoring health. Only used by Carabosse  1x Ex Potion 1x Faerie Dust
Faerie Elixir Medicine for restoring a large amount of health. Only used by Carabosse.  1x High Potion 1x Faerie Dust
Faerie Medicine Medicine for restoring a small amount of health. Only used by Carabosse.  1x Potion 1x Faerie Dust
Faerie Panacea A medicine that dispels all afflictions. Only used by Carabosse  1x Panacea 1x Faerie Dust
High Ether Medicine for restoring a large amount of magic.  2x Ether 1x Monster Bird Tear
High Potion Medicine for restoring a large amount of health (250 HP).  2x Potion 1x Monster Bird Tear
Holy Water Water that has been blessed. Removes curses.  1x Monster Bird Tear 5x Halite
Mithridate  Medicine for purging poison from the body.  1x Toad Eye 1x Monster Bird Tear
Panacea A medicine that dispells all afflictions  1x Holy Water 1x Mithridate 1x Stonethaw
Poison A substance that poisons you and drains health over a period of time.  1x Monster Bird Tear 1x Vespine Stinger
Potion Medicine for restoring a small amount of health (50 HP). 1x Small Webbing 1x Melting Bone
Stonethaw Medicine that restores flexibility to petrified flesh  1x Monster Bird Tear 1x Melting Bone
Waystone A relic that takes you wherever you picture. Requires concentration

Prepared Food

There is a special type of item called ‘Prepared Food’. A variety of different ingredients are used by Miriam to make “Prepared Food”. By providing Johannes the necessary ingredients, cooked meals can be prepared. Permanent or temporary buffs can be attained by consuming these meals.

Name Description Effects Crafting Materials Needed
Flan  A steamed egg-and-milk custard. Every bite is bliss. +1 LCK  1x Milk 1x Sugar 1x Dragon Egg
Ginger Pork  Thinly sliced pork simmered in ginger sauce. Pairs well with rice. +1 STR  1x Plume Pork 1x Ginger 1x Moco Oil 1x Soy Sauce
Macaroni & Cheese  A classic made by slathering pasta with cheese. But this seems off… +15 Max MP  3x Pasta 1x Cheese 1x Moco Leek 1x White Sauce
Pork Cutlet  A slice of pork that has been breaded and fried for a crispy outside. +1 STR +4 CON  1x Plume Pork 1x Flour 1x Moco Oil 1x Dragon Egg
Steak  A slice of meat cooked on a hot surface. You’ll savor every bite. +5 STR  1x Beast Beef 1x Halite 1x Butter 1x Black Pepper
Uni Rice Bowl  A simple dish consisting of sea urchin on cooked rice. Delectable. +30 Max HP +2 INT  3x Rice 1x Soy Sauce 2x Sea Urchin
Dark Matter An ominous black mass that is probably edible… but you first Doesn’t Provide Buffs/ Will Also Poison Your Character  1x Rat Tail 1x Toad Eye 1x Witch’s Tears 1x Fell Leaf
Rice Ball Cooked rice shaped into a portable snack for when you feel peckish. +10 Max HP +2 CON  1x Rice 1x Halite
Fried Potatoes Potatoes fried in oil, which gets all over your hands… You won’t care +1 CON  1x Potato 1x Halite 1x Flour 1x Moco oil
Corn Chowder A thick but smooth corn soup that hovers between a food and a drink +1 CON  1x Corn 1x Milk 1x Bread 1x Potato
Apple Risotto An improvised risotto made with apple and rice. Surprisingly good. +40 Max HP 3x Apple 3x Rice 1x Halite 1x Black Pepper
Pizza Pizza Dough covered in toppings and an irresistable layer of cheese. +3 CON  4x Pizza Dough 2x Cheese
Rolled Omelette A whisked eggs spread flat while cooking and the rolled up +2 MND  2x Egg 1x Sugar
Chicken Casserole Chicken and rice covered in white sauce and baked. Don’t Burn yourself +15 Max HP +1 STR +1 MND 1x White Sauce 1x G-Bone Steak 1x Rice 1x Cheese
Egg on Rice The ultimate everyman’s breakfast: raw egg and soy sauce over rice +20 Max HP +1 MND 1x Egg 1x Rice 1x Soy Sauce
Curry & Rice Curry sauce over rice. Delicious, but imagine it with meat or vegetables… +40 Max HP 1x Curry Sauce 1x Rice
Pork Curry A curry and rice plate with large chunks of pork. Tasty and filling. +50 Max HP +8 CON 1x Curry Sauce 1x Rice 1x Plume Pork
Chicken Curry Curry and rice made with chicken that has soaked up the flavor +50 Max HP +8 MND 1x Curry Sauce 1x Rice 3x G-Bone Steak
Beef Curry An extravagant curry and rice plate loaded with beef. Seconds, please! +50 Max HP +8 STR 1x Curry Sauce 1x Rice 2x Flying Beef
Seafood Curry Curry and rice with seafood that will make waves in your mouth +50 Max HP +8 INT 1x Curry Sauce 1x Rice 3x Forneus Filet
Salt Ramen Chinese noodles in salt broth. Goes well with a bowl of rice +20 Max MP +2 Int +2 MND 1x Chinese Noodles 1x Salt Broth 1x Dragon Egg 1x Fell Leaf
Soy Ramen Chinese noodles in soy broth. It’s polite to drink all the soup. +20 Max MP +4 CON +4 MND 1x Chinese Noodles 1x Soy Broth 2x Plume Pork 1x Fell Leaf
Tonkotsu Ramen Chinese noodles in tonkotsu broth. A rich flavor you’ll learn to crave +20 Max MP +5 CON + 3.00% Exp Gain 1x Chinese Noodles 1x Tonkotsu Broth 1x Plume Pork 1x Moco Leek
Miso Ramen Chinese noodles in miso broth. Warms the body and soul +20 Max MP +3 STR +3 MND +3.00% Exp Gain 1x Chinese Noodles 1x Miso Broth 2x Butter 5x Corn
Classic Spaghetti Pasta tossed in tomatoe sauce. Certain to put a smile on any face. +10 Max MP 1x Tomato 1x Pasta 3x Moco Leek 1x Consomme
Pasta Carbonara A popular pasta made with a thick, creamy sauce. Quick and delicious  +20 Max MP 1x Pasta 1x Heavy Cream 1x Dragon Egg 1x Halite
Pasta Vongole A clam and garlic pasta that floods your mouth with flavor  +20 Max MP +1 INT +2.00% Exp Gain 4x Pasta 1x Vongole Sauce 3x Fey Leaf
Sea Urchin pasta Pasta tossed in creamy sea urchin and accented with an acidic tomato note. +15 Max MP +2 INT 3x Pasta 2x Sea Urchin 1x White Sauce 1x Egg
Exquisite Steak Steak made with the choicest meat. Meals like this can change your life +10 STR 2x Flying Beef 1x Halite 1x Black Pepper 1x Butter
Sukiyaki A hot pot made with meat and vegetables which are dipped in egg +1 STR +3 MND 4x G-Bone Steak 4x Moco Leek 2x Soy Sauce 2x Sugar
Chicken Saute A chicken thig fried in fat, yielding crispy skin and juicy meat  +2 STR +2 MND +1.00% Exp Gain 2x G-Bone Steak 1x Halite 2x Black Pepper 2x Butter
Garlic Chicken Chicken cooked in garlic sauce. One whiff is enough to make you hungry +2 STR +2 MND 2x G-Bone Steak 2x Garlic 2x Halite 2x Black Pepper
Miso Cutlet A pork cutlet topped with miso. Popular in some parts of Nippon. +1 STR +4 CON 2x Plume Pork 1x Dragon Egg 2x Miso 1x Moco Oil
Meat Hot Pot An invigorating hot pot brimming with slices of meat +5 STR +5 CON +5 MND 1x G-Bone Steak 1x Flying Beef 1x Plume Pork 1x Soy Sauce
Fried Fish Whitefish that has been breaded and fried to enhance flavor and texture +2 INT 1x Dragon Egg 1x Forneus Filet 1x Flour 1x Moco Oil
Fish & Chips Fried fish and fried potatoes on a single plate. Fattening? Never.  +3 INT 1x Fried Fish 3x Fried Potatoes
Simmered Forneus Simmered whitefish that falls apart in your mouth  +5 INT 1x Forneus Filet 1x Soy Sauce 1x Sugar
Forneus Meuniere Whitefish fried in a bit of fat until it turns a scrumptious golden brown  +4 INT 1x Flour 1x Forneus Filet 1x Halite 1x Black Pepper
Forneus in Garlic Whitefish fried in garlic and fat. The smell clings to your garments  +1 CON +2 INT +1.00% Exp Gain 1x Garlic 1x Butter 1x Forneus Filet 1x Flour
Fish Hot pot A hot pot made with whitefish. Add rice at the end for a risotto.  +5 INT +1.0 MP Reg/Sec 1x Forneus Filet 1x Aquatic Filet 1x Consomme 1x Soy Sauce
Scrambled Eggs A dish made by whisking eggs before cooking them. Or, a failed omelette. +1 MND 1x Dragon Egg 1x Moco Oil 1x Butter
Egg Souffle An egg dish that looks and tastes as fluffy as a cloud +3 MND 1x Dragon Egg 1x Heavy Cream 1x Sugar 1x Butter
Omurice Rice wrapped in an omelette. A Novel idea, but tricky to prepare +20 Max HP +1 INT +2 MND 2x Egg 1x Rice 1x Tomato 1x Consomme
Macaroni Gratin Macaroni covered in white sauce and baked. Don’t miss the crispy botton. +15 Max MP 1x White Sauce 1x Moco Leek 2x Pasta 1x Cheese
Strawberry Pie A pie encrusted with strawberries. It’s as pretty as jewelry +1 INT +3 LCK 2x Strawberry 1x Sugar 2x Heavy Cream 2x Pie Dough
Apple Pie A pie with an apple slice filling that gives it a subtle sweetness. +1 INT +1 LCK 2x Apple 1x Sugar 3x Cinnamon 2x Pie Dough
Lemon Cream Pie A summer treat made with a lemon juice filling and topped with cream +1 INT +1 LCK 2x Lemon 1x Sugar 1x Dragon Egg 2x Pie Dough
Chiffon Cake A silky sponge cake that’s nothing short of a culinary miracle +2 LCK 1x Dragon Egg 1x Flour 1x Sugar 1x Moco Oil
Cheesecake A moist and mildly sweet cake made with an ample helping of cheese +2 LCK 1x Cheese 1x Heavy Cream 1x Lemon 1x Cookies
Chocolate Cake A luxurious chocolate cake. Also, a cavity waiting to happen +2 LCK 1x Cocoa 1x Heavy Cream 1x Butter 1x Dragon Egg
Strawberry Cake A cake containing strawberries (which discerning eaters save for last) +1 INT +1 LCK 1x Strawberry 1x Heavy Cream 1x Sponge Cake
Manju An eastern afternoon treat made of bean paste wrapped in dough +1 LCK 1x Red Bean Paste 1x Flour 1x Baking Soda 1x Sugar
Cookies A classic baked sweet that can be made in all shapes and sizes +1 LCK 1x Butter 1x Sugar 1x Egg 1x Flour
Chocolate Cookies A cookie made with bitter chocolate for a more sophisticated flavor. +1 LCK 1x Cocoa 1x Cookies 1x Baking Soda
Cinnamon Cookies A fragant cookie that pairs well with black tea +1 LCK 1x Cinnamon 1x Cookies 1x Baking Soda
Sponge Cake A fluffy cake that rises in the oven and tastes great all on its own +1 LCK 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Sugar 1x Beast Milk
Chocolate Crepe A simple crepe that gets a subtle bitter note from the chocolate +2 LCK 1x Cocoa 1x Heavy Cream 1x Crepe Dough
Strawberry Crepe Cream and strawberries wrapped in a crepe for a delightful combination +1 INT +2 LCK 4x Strawberry 1x Heavy Cream 1x Crepe Dough
Berry Spaghetti An improvised dessert paste made with strawberries and cream. It works! +15 Max MP +1 LCK 3x Pasta 2x Strawberry 4x Heavy Cream
Shiruko Spaghetti A chance creation made with sweet red bean juice. Not for everyone… +1 LCK +15 Max MP 3x Pasta 2x Red Bean Paste 4x Heavy Cream
Fried Egg The simplest of egg dishes. Needs no more than a dash of salt and pepper +1 MND 1x Egg 1x Moco Oil 1x Halite
Nectar The libation of the gods. Grants immortality and staves off wrinkles. +30 Max MP +1 INT +1 MND +2.0 MP Reg/Sec 1x Ambrosia 1x Beast Milk 1x Butter 1x Flour
Fruit Juice Nutrient-rich juice. Drink in moderation to avoid bellyache +1 MND +1.0 MP Reg/Sec 1x Apple 1x Strawberry 1x Lemon 1x Sugar
Lemonade A refreshing, summer drink made from sweetened lemon juice. +1.0 MP Reg/Sec 1x Lemon 1x Soda Water 1x Sugar
Apple Juice Apple juice made the right way: by carefully selecting the best fruit +1.0 MP Reg/Sec 2x Apple
Strawberry Au Lait A glass of milk with strawberries in it. They always sink to the bottom. +1.0 MP Reg/Sec 1x Strawberry 1x Beast Milk
Smoothie Fruit blended into a smooth drink. A recipe for beautiful skin  +1 MND +1.0 MP Reg/Sec 1x Strawberry 1x Apple 1x Beast Milk 1x Sugar


There is a type of item called ‘Materials’. Materials can be found in the same way as Consumables. Johannes can take materials from you to use them as ingredients to the craft the following:

  • Items
  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Armor
  • Headgear
  • Scarves
  • Accessories
  • Prepared Food

Enhancing Shards

Material Description
Alkahest The universal solvent.
Amethyst Fragment One of Purple Gemstone’s fragments.
Bat Feather Alchemists regularly use this bat-wing.
Beef Zagan meat that just dissolves in your mouth.
Black Pepper A spice that adds a new element to your dish. May be seen next to salt.
Bronze A color-changing metal.
Butter A dairy product used in a multitude of dishes; from sweets to sautés.
Cannon Scrap A shattered cannon’s scrap.
Cheese A dairy product attained from fermenting milk
Demon Cloth N/A
Demon Dog Skin A demon canine’s leather.
Demon Dog’s Fang N/A
Dragon Egg A dragon’s egg. Gourmands pay a good price for this.
Egg A chicken’s newly-laid egg. The yolk can be taken out with your fingers.
Flour A grain present in every kitchen and used in a ton of dishes.
Frog Eye N/A
Ginger A spice that gives an invigorating bite and keeps the body warm.
Halite Harvested from the sea, it is a very important seasoning.
Iron A customary form of metal.
Lemon A very bitter and yellow-colored fruit that may be used to mask the smell of fish.
Limestone N/A
Lion’s Mane A very soft and fuzzy mane.
Melting Bone A kind of sticky bone.
Milk Milk attained from an actual demon. The epitome of dairy treats.
Moco Leek N/A
Moco Oil Oil gained from Moco weeds. Really helps to refresh the skin.
Monster Bird Tear N/A
Obsidian Made from volcanic lava, it is a black gemstone.
Pasta Noodles which are made from durum wheat flour. On being boiled, they become chewy.
Pie Dough A dough made from butter and flour. Makes a nice, cracking crust.
Pork A Plume Parma’s pork. The sirloin is breathtaking.
Rice A grain which can be found in a lot of Eastern diets.
Sea Urchin An exquisite sea dish which tastes best raw. Its taste weakens as it gets older, so best have it fresh.
Soda Water Carbonated water. Makes a very replenishing beverage when mixed with fruit juice.
Soy Sauce Made from soybeans, it is a liquid condiment which is very important to Eastern cuisine.
Squares Tough oak tree wood.
>Steel A metal refined from iron.
Sugar A sweetener, and a crucial ingredient for desserts.
White Sauce Made from a roux of flour and fat, a white sauce.

Key Items

Another special type of item in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is called a ‘Key Item’. The main story or special quests and different areas can be unlocked or advanced using these. Key items are usually attained from NPCs or found in particular areas of a certain location.

Key Item Description
Galleon Map  A map of the Minerva.
Village Key A key that opens a locked door in the shelter.
Passplate A relic required to pass through the demon’s entry gate
Identification The latest in ecclesiastical research: a rather hazy “photograph”
Silver Bromida  A special mineral required to produce “photographs”
Carpenter’s Key  Unlocks a special room, inside which a demon awaits your challange
 Warhorse’s Key  Unlocks a special room, inside which a demon awaits your challange
Millionaire’s Key Unlocks a special room, inside which a demon awaits your challange
Celeste’s Key Unlocks Celeste’s Room
Hair Apparent I A magazine issue that glamorizes the “French Braid”
Hair Apparent II A magazine issue that glamorizes “swept-back” hairstyles
Hair Apparent III A magazine issue that glamorizes “Hair bunches”
Hair Apparent IV A magazine issue that glamorizes the “double bun”
Hair Apparent V
Hair Apparent VI A magazine issue that glamorizes “boyish” hairstyle
Hair Apparent VII A magazine issue that glamorizes the “ponytail’
Hair Apparent VIII A magazine issue that glamorizes “geisha’ hairstyles
Hair Apparent IX A magazine issue that glamorizes “braided bangs” hairstyles
Hair Apparent X A magazine issue that glamorizes “vintage curls” hairstyles
Hair Apparent XI A magazine issue that glamorizes “high forehead” hairstyles
Hair Apparent XII A magazine issue that glamorizes “valkyrie” hairstyles
Fine Healing Item A recipe for a fine healing item
Ultimate Healing Item A recipe for the ultimate healing item
Faerie Healing Item A recipe for a faerie healing item
Elemental Ammunition A recipe for ammunition imbued with elemental magic
Special Ammunition A recipe for ammunition with special effects
Potent Ammunition A recipe for potent ammunition
Ultimate Ammunition A recipe for the ultimate ammunition. Uses diamond.
Steel Equipment A recipe for steel equipment
Obsidian Equipment A recipe for obsidian equipment
Damascus Equipment A recipe for damascus equipment
Gold Equipment A recipe for gold equipment
Crimsonite Equipment A recipe for crimsonite equipement
Cashmere Equipment A recipe for cashmere equipment
Fine Equipment A recipe for fine equipment
Very Fine Equipment A recipe for very fine equipment
Legendary Equipment A recipe for legendary equipment
Ramen A recipe for ramen
Curry A recipe for a curry dish
Pasta A recipe for a pasta dish
Meat Dish A recipe for a meat dish
Fish Dish A recipe for a fish dish
Sweets A recipe for sweets
Cookies A recipe for cookies
Cake A recipe for cake
Drink A recipe for a drink
Ultimate Dish A recipe for the “ultimate dish”. Allegedly more delicious than the “supreme dish”
Supreme Dish A recipe for the “supreme dish”. Allegedly more delicious than the “ultimate dish”
Discount Card A card given to the supply post’s loyal customers. Allows you to purchase items at a discount.
Vepar Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Vepar
Zangetsu Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Zangetsu
Abyssal Guardian Medal Proof that you have triumphed over the Abyssal Guardian
Gebel Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Gebel
Bloodless Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Bloodless
Alfred Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Alfred
Doppelganger Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Doppleganger
Orobas Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Orobas
True Zangetsu Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Zangetsu at his most powerful
Gremory Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Gremory
Dominique Medal Proof that you have triumphed over Dominique
8-bit Medal Proof that you have triumphed over the Eight Bit Overlord
IGA Medal ( DLC Iga’s Backpack )

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