Bloodborne: Tomorrow’s Alpha Session Postponed


Bloodborne’s official alpha testing was supposed to commence on October 5 but has now been delayed on the last day due to unknown reasons.

Posting through its official Twitter account, From Software informed everyone that “due to some issues” the alpha testing has been postponed and everyone should wait for further announcements.

“Unfortunately we have had to postpone the Bloodborne Alpha Test on Oct 5th due to some issues,” reads the tweet. “Please wait for further announcements.”

No further tweets or posts were made to elaborate on what exactly caused the delay and as to when we can expect the alpha phase to begin.

The alpha invites were sent out by Sony earlier to random participants in order to “gather community feedback and data to improve Bloodborne’s online experience.” The game has already had two successful alpha sessions where some testers even shared early details and gameplay with the rest of us.

Early community testing is always a fine way to gather information in order to improve the quality of the final product. It’s always better to do so this way than release a monstrous patch right after release day.

Bloodborne is scheduled to release in Japan on February 5, 2015 and a day later in the west.

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