Bloodborne The One Reborn Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

The One Reborn is found on the street level directly under the Yahar’Gul Chapel. In order to reach the boss arena, walk towards the Advent Plaza on the street level and find the One Reborn inside.

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Bloodborne The One Reborn Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Here is everything you need to know about this boss and how to tackle him effectively:

One of the most annoying things that make this boss battle a pure frustration is overhead witches which direct fireballs towards your character. Therefore, as soon as the boss battle starts, use one of the stairways on the far side of the Advent Plaza to reach the witches and make a short work of them.

Coming to The One Reborn, he possesses an array of attacks for different ranges. For a quick overview, he stomps his legs at close-range, a moderately ranged sweeping attack at medium-range, and an acid-spilling attack which covers a large portion of the battle arena.

To summarize the entire boss battle, you need to wait for One to deliver the first strike, dodge away, and land in a couple of hard-hitting hits yourself. In case you manage to stun him somehow, well and good!


However, even if you manage to stun him, you need to be careful of the dark clouds that appear over his head. The dark clouds rain blood and bones and pack a high damage output – make sure to avoid these. Luckily, the clouds are pretty easy to identify and provide your character with ample time to dodge away.

Like I have mentioned above, you also need to be watchful of an acid spewing attack from the One that covers a large area and deals significant damage. An easier way to avoid the attack is by moving to the front of the boss.

While standing on the front side of the One, always make sure his entire body is not surrounded by a bright glow. In case it is, move away immediately as a large area-of-effect attack follows this glow.

Just keep all these attack patterns in mind and do not miss any opportunity to land in a few strikes to complete this boss battle.

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