Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC Ludwig the Accursed Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Ludwig the Accursed Boss Battle Tips and Strategy to help you defeat that boss in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC.

Ludwig the Accursed; in Bloodborne: the Old Hunters DLC, is probably one of the toughest boss fights in the game. The boss battle is divided into two phases and you acquire Vermin as well as the Guidance Rune for completing it:

Phase 1
At first, you need to avoid the far-reaching swipe attack and remain on your left-side while facing Ludwig. It is very much possible to stun him by targeting his head, but make sure to do so with utmost caution. Some of the attacks at Ludwig’s disposal include:

  • A far-reaching swipe attack
  • A rapid double-hit attack
  • A quick nudge attack
  • An airborne attack
  • A 2-hit AOE stomp attack
  • A back kick attack
  • A far-reaching spitting attack

If you stay close to him, he will execute the nudge attack which usually does not deal any significant amount of damage.

If you, however, keep a long distance, he will try and hit you with the swipe or airborne attack which he can also execute from close range. While the boss is airborne, use the dripping blood to determine his landing position and do not let him jump on you in any case.

You also need to beware of his charging attack which deals significant amount of damage. Although there are hardly any clues, you should get ready to move away from the area if you see Ludwig bang his hoof on the ground.

As for his spit attack, although it can come from any distance, he usually executes it from a long range and continues to damage you if you stay in its path. During this attack, you need to get as close as possible and dish out damage all this time.


You should also try and stun him by constantly attacking his head, but also beware of his other attacks; especially the stomp attack. It is crucial that you avoid this attack at all cost because you will end up dying if all his attack connects properly.

You will know about this attack if you see the boss stopping his previous attack and is not stunned. You basically need to focus on his right side – the one with the stub head – and you will eventually complete the first phase.

Phase 2
During the second phase, almost all of the attacks at Ludwig’s disposal change drastically.

From a distance, he will lunge on you with his long sword which will emit projectiles. These are fairly easy to dodge, but you will have to do so multiple times. At close range, he will charge on you with a 2-3-hit attack with short delays in between.

The idea is to stay behind the boss as much as possible, avoid a couple of hits, and then charge in with 3-4 hits, provided that you have a fast weapon. As soon as you see Ludwig plant his sword into the ground, move away from the area and then move right in.

After going below 30 per cent HP, Ludwig will acquire another attack during which he gets his sword into the air followed by a wide beam attack which deals crazy amount of damage. You simply need to time your attacks and learn how to dodge his attacks to complete this boss fight.

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