Bloodborne Remaster Rumored (Again) For PC & PS5

Bloodborne has been rumored several times in the past years for a potential release on PC and the same rumor mill has started churning once again.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Sloth Mom, the original source of the PC-port claims, stated that Bloodborne will not only be releasing for PC but will so as a remastered version for PlayStation 5 as well. The announcement was apparently part of the PlayStation 5 digital reveal which was supposed to happen earlier in the week but was delayed in respect of the ongoing protests in the United States.

FromSoftware, the original developer, has furthermore been said to not be heading the porting/remastering efforts. Sony has handed over the task to another developer, which according to the source has an excellent record of porting games. The hints seem to suggest Bluepoint Games to be bringing Bloodborne to PC and PlayStation 5. However, the same studio has reportedly been working on a Demon’s Souls remake for PlayStation 5.

Shortly after Bloodborne was released for PlayStation 4 in 2015, many players started a petition to convince Sony to release the acclaimed game on PC. Back then, the developer categorically stated that Bloodborne will not be coming to PC and will remain as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. However, that tone has changed for the player-base ever since Guerrilla Games confirmed Horizon Zero Dawn to be coming to PC somewhere in the summers.

The PlayStation 5 livestream should be happening soon. Fans will not have to wait longer to verify if one of the best games on PlayStation 4 will be released for PC or not.

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