Bloodborne PC Rumors Are Fake, Says Celebrated Modder

It has lately become a bit of an internet tradition to read about Bloodborne coming to PC with all sorts of enhancements every other day.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, modder Lance McDonald, who previously released his own patch to run Bloodborne at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 4, stated that fans should forget about the game ever landing on PC.

McDonald pointed out that he personally knows about multiple PlayStation exclusives coming to PC in the near future. Bloodborne however is not included in that lineup and as such, may as well have never been.

McDonald further added that most rumors and leaks regarding the much-wished PC port, specially the ones mentioning him by name, are all fake. The notion being that if Sony Interactive Entertainment really intends to land Bloodborne on PC, the project is being tightly kept under wraps.

Bloodborne has for long been rumored to be receiving a remastered version for both PlayStation 5 and PC. Last month for example, a French leaker claimed that there are no current plans for a sequel because developer FromSoftware wants to focus on creating new intellectual properties like Elden Ring. The original game though was said to be in the pipelines for a complete overhaul.

These alleged rumors and leaks have always claimed a Bloodborne remaster to be releasing around the 2021 holiday season, at least for PlayStation 5. The PC version will apparently come at a later date.

While fans strongly believe in the saying that where there is smoke, there is surely fire, they should be wary of setting any high expectations so as to not be disappointed when 2022 begins without any Bloodborne announcement in sight.

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