Bloodborne: Patch 1.03 Promises To Fix Long Loading Times

The upcoming 1.03 patch for Bloodborne will release worldwide by the end of the month, the developer has confirmed.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio producer Masaaki Yamagiwa promised that the new patch is going to address a number of key issues previously brought up by players.

Amongst these are the long loading times and “abnormal game behavior after many continuous hours of play.” Dying in Bloodborne is common and if you’re new to the genre then prepare to see your character hit the pavement countless times. As such, it would be more efficient and less taxing if players did not have to wait up to a minute every time their character died. After the first couple of times you start to wish there was a way to instantly get back into the game.

As for the behavior of bosses, many players have reported that after keeping their consoles on for twelve hours or longer, the AI in the game starts to react differently in combat. At the moment players have found a way to use this bug to their advantage in order to defeat bosses easily.

With the new Patch 1.03, Sony expects both of these major issues to be corrected.

Yamagiwa also confirmed that Bloodborne has sold over a million copies worldwide following its launch on March 24 for the PlayStation 4.


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