Bloodborne Micolash Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

Micolash is another boss that you can encounter in Bloodborne. You can encounter Micolash on your way down Mergo’s Loft.

Bloodborne Micolash Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Following is an overview of this boss battle and how to complete it:

Once the battle starts, you will find yourself in an area brimming with stairways and bookshelves. Micolash will keep on summoning smaller enemies near your location while staying hidden.

You will have to kill all enemies spawning near your location while constantly looking for the primary boss. As soon as you spot Micolash, chase him down until he stops near a blind end.

Once he stops, wade in directly and start punishing him with your best attacks – make sure not to go overboard. While delivering your attacks, keep an eye on his tentacle/punch attacks – simply dodge in any direction to avoid damage.

Drop his HP down to 50% and he will vanish from the area. During this phase, return to the stairways and head outside using the newly opened exit area and start another chase.

In order to reach him behind the barred door, go to the top of the area and use a small passageway to gain access to the locked area.

During this phase of the battle, Micolash will flood the area with flying crystal orbs. You need to dodge as best as you can to avoid taking hefty damage from the flying orbs.

Other than the orbs, there will be nothing new about Micolash’s attack patterns. Just keep the attacks mentioned above in mind and find room to deliver your own strikes and end this boss battle.

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