Bloodborne Messenger Skins Location Guide

The Bath Messengers in Bloodborne are these tiny folks that tend to sell you stuff. They look a little disturbing at first sight, but hey – it’s way less creepy than a plain doll leveling up your stats, right?

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Bloodborne Messenger Skins Location

If you’re not okay with the way these guys look, you can actually go around searching for a nice cosmetic collectible in the form of Bath Messenger Skins. These are obviously aesthetic items, but it’s nice that a dark game like Bloodborne can give you such options.

When you do find a Messenger Skin, you’ll have to head back to Hunter’s Dream to apply it. Head to the top of the house and take the path to the left to find a Stump Messenger. This guy will allow you to equip Messenger Skins that you may have.

It’s important to note though that Messenger Skins do not carry over to NG+. Yeah, that sucks a bit, but if you love your customized Messengers, nothing will stop you from recollecting those skins.

Three Messenger Skins come from pre-orders and DLC purchase: Worn Top Hat, Yharnam Messenger Hat, and Black Messenger Head Bandage. The rest with their locations are given below:

Red Messenger Ribbon
Location: After returning the Red Jeweled Brooch to Viola, she will cry and leave the house. After this, head to the Central Yharnam Sewers and kill the pig there. It will drop the Red Messenger Ribbon.

White Messenger Ribbon
Location: After acquiring the Red Messenger Ribbon, you can head to the house and it to the sister (you will lose it, and will not be able to apply it on the Messengers). Exhaust her dialogues, then exit the area. Head back into it again and you will find a corpse at the bottom of the ladder with this Ribbon.

Messenger Urn Festival
Location: After defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, the door that opens up in Cathedral Ward will lead you to above Oedon Chapel. Exit the elevator through the openings between the floors to get this skin.

Black Messenger Hat
Location: In the Cathedral Ward, head straight from the lantern and then up the stairs. After going through the gate, climb up the ladder on the right and drop down onto the rooftops. A corpse here will have this skin.

Messenger Top Hat
Location: After defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, head through the newly opened door in Cathedral Ward. Go to the Healing Church Workshop after killing the Machine-Gun Wheelchair enemy and turn right. Drop down the broken walkway, then drop down onto the wooden beams. A corpse here will have this item.

Bloody Messenger Head Bandage
Location: You can find this in Old Yharnam by climbing up the ladder that leads to Djura. Drop down to the right, then perform a jump role onto the wooden platform to find this item on a corpse.

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