Bloodborne Mergo’s Wet Nurse Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

Mergo’s Wet Nurse is encountered in the Mergo’s Loft. Complete this boss battle to acquire One Third of Umbilical Cord and unlock ‘Mergo’s Wet Nurse’ Trophy.

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Bloodborne Mergo’s Wet Nurse Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Here is everything you need to know about Mergo’s Wet Nurse and how to defeat her:

The best way to complete this boss battle is to close in the gap and stick close to her. While staying close to her, make sure to dodge all her whips and find small windows to deliver your own attacks.

Some other attacks her disposal include a whirlwind attack, a three-hit rapid combo, and a sweeping attack that covers a large area in front of her. All the mentioned attacks are frontal and you should try and get behind her to open up some room for your own attacks.

One of her highest damage dealing attack is a rapid combo of successive blows which she executes while lunging forward. It is crucial to avoid this combo if you wish to complete this boss fight.

Halfway through the battle, the whole arena will get engulfed in purple smoke and a Mergo’s Wet Nurse clone will appear in the area. The said clone will deliver one of her many attacks and I recommend just staying clear of the area until the smoke disperses.

If you are not the one for waiting, you can always launch in few of your attacks and get done with the battle.

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