Bloodborne Key Items Locations Guide – Keys, How to Use

Key Items in Bloodborne are quite similar to the ones found in the Souls series. They usually come in the form of unique items that serve a purpose that deviates from the conventional function of consumables.

Some of them are literally keys, while others are odd pieces of equipment that you wouldn’t really understand the use of through their description.

Bloodborne Key Items Locations

Below is the list of the key items in Bloodborne, along with their uses and location.

This guide is currently a work in progress. Some information may be missing.

Cainhurst Summons
Use: This key item will grant you access to the Deserted Castle Cainhurst. You will need to get on a stagecoach in order to get there, and you can do so at the momument in Hemwick’s Crossing.

Location: This key item is located in the Forbidden Woods. There is a hidden path if you stick to the left wall from the entrance. You’ll pass in front of the village and pass a house with a red lamp and a window.

You need to turn left behind the house and head into a cave filled with poisonous water. Towards the end you’ll climb a tall ladder and arrive near the starting area, an also gain access to the clinic, where this item is found.

Hunter Chief Emblem
Use: Unlocks the main gate at the Gate Cathedral in the Cathedral Ward

Location: You can purchase this from the Bath Messenger once you give the Sword Hunter Badge

Lunarium Key
Use: This key will unlock the Lunarium in Byrgenworth College.

Location: You can find this key on a counter as you go up a ladder near the top of the Byrgenworth College.

Oedon Tomb Key
Use: Unlocks the Tomb of Oedon.

Location: This key is dropped by Father Gascoigne after you defeat him.

Queenly Flesh
Use: Resurrects dead creature at the Alter of Despair, and also Respawns Annalise.

Location: You can obtain this item by defeating Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods in Cainhurst Castle.

Upper Cathedral Key
Use: Unlocks the Upper Cathedral Ward.

Location: From the Yagarghul Chapel lamp on the third Worldstone, turn left and run up to where the old ladies are. Check the left of this area to see a hole in the fence. Jump down, and head inside the building.

Jump down into the hole inside the room and you should land in a prison cell with a corpse that has this key on it.

Yharnam Stone
Use: Currently Unknown

Location: This is a drop item from the boss Yharnam, Blood Queen of the Old Labyrinth.

Blood Gem Workshop Tool
Use: Unlocks the ability to use Blood Gems at the Workshop

Location: Found in Central Yharnam in a chest located immediately after the Byrgenwerth Spider message before a set of stairs going up.

Empty Phantasm Shell
Use: Enhances Weapon Damage for a short time at the cost of 3 Quicksilver Bullets. Infinite Uses. Requires 15 Arcane

Location: This item is found in a chest close to the lake entrance in Byrgenwerth.

Use: Zoom in and see across a distance.

Location: This handy tool is found on a corpse in the Cathedral District. The corpse is located on a balcony above the Cleric Beast arena.

To get there, head down and left from the Cathedral Ward lamp and then head to the right path in the area with the two bell enemies. You’ll find a Church Giant there, and two Brick Trolls behind which the Monocular is present.

Old Hunter Bone
Use: Temporarily increases the speed of roll/dash, adding a cosmetic effect of invisibility during the animation. Consumes 6 Quicksilver Bullets and requires 15 Arcane to use.

Location: You can find this useful tool in the Abandoned Old Workshop. Head to the Cathedral Ward and take the elevator up. Head across the bridge to the tower and stay on the outside of the Healing Church.

Make your way to the right, and drop down on to a long shaft shaft. Go to the right and fall down on a platform underneath the first one. You’ll spot a few platforms that will eventually take you to a door that leads to the Old Workshop.

Rune Workshop Tool
Use: Allows one to use Cayull Runes.

Location: After defeating the Witch of Hemwick boss, you can access a small basement that has a corpse on a chair. The tool can be found on this corpse.

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