Bloodborne Hunter Badges Locations Guide and What They Unlock

Hunter Badges in Bloodborne are a kind of special ‘trophy’ that are acquired by completing certain tasks or just by looting specific chests/corpses. Once acquired, badges can be traded with Messengers for special weapons and attire (armor) in the game.

Badges unlock many very good weapons, and since there aren’t too many of them to collect, it’s a very good idea to get them all to acquire all the weapons associated with them.

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Bloodborne Hunter Badges Locations

This guide is a work in progress. Some data may be currently missing.

Cainhurst Badge
Unlocks: Chikage and Cainhurst Set

Location: In order to acquire this badge, join the Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant in the Cainhurst Castle.

Crow Hunter Badge
Unlocks: Blade of Mercy and Crowfeather Set

Location: This badge can be acquired by completing the questline of Eileen the Crow, or by killing her, or letting her die during any of her quest events.

Sword Hunter Badge
Unlocks: Kirkhammer, Hunter Chief Emblem, Repeating Pistol, Hand Lantern

Location: For this badge, you’ll need to defeat the Cleric Beast, the first boss in the game.

Saw Hunter Badge
Unlocks: Saw Cleaver, Saw Spear, Hunter Axe, Threaded Cane, Hunter Pistol, Hunter Blunderbuss

Location: This Badge is located on a corpse in the Central Yharnam Aqueducts.

Travel through the large canal past the Carrion Crows to a small tunnel by a ladder that goes up to the bridge that leads to Father Gascoigne. You’ll find a Giant Boar in this tunnel; lure him out and check the middle of the tunnel to find a corpse with this badge.

Powder Keg Hunter Badge
Unlocks: Rifle Spear, Stake Driver, Rope Molotov Cocktail, Oil Urn

Location: In order to acquire this badge, you’ll need to defeat the NPC Hunter Gyula. He is the guy who will start shooting at you with a mounted Gatling Gun when you enter Old Yharnam.

Radiant Hunter Badge
Unlocks: Ludwig’s Holy Blade, Ludwig’s Rifle, Fire Paper, Bone Marrow Ash

Location: After defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, head back to Hunter’s Dream and talk to Gherman. He will tell you about a Church Healing Workshop located somewhere near Oedon’s Chapel.

After listening to him, head back to the Cathedral Ward lantern and go through the now unlocked door on the right side.

Take the elevator up to find an Afflicted Townsfolk with a gatling gun here. Take him out and then get the badge.

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