Bloodborne Gets Free PlayStation 4 Theme

Bloodborne now has its very own PlayStation 4 theme featuring the City of Yharnam.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, the theme is free for all PlayStation Plus members but only available for Europe. That exclusivity may be short lived, and we’ll probably be seeing North America get its hands on it later this week.

“Fan of Bloodborne? Get a free theme for your PS4 if you’re a PS Plus member. Just go to store and install,” tweeted PlayStation Europe earlier today.

The theme is static with no over-the-top icons, and uses the default PlayStation 4 music and sound effects. The only captivating aspect of the free theme is the illustration itself. I know I’m not alone here when I consider how a dynamic theme with moving bits of Yharnam would have been ecstatic.

In related news, Disruptive Media Publisher released 28 dynamic themes yesterday dedicated to NBA teams on the North American PlayStation Store. Today, preview videos for each of them were released. You can check them out at the PlayStation Store.

The action RPG Bloodborne was released just over two weeks ago exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Hidetaka Miyazaki’s direction have proved itself once again, as Bloodborne has become the best rated game on Sony’s new console yet. If you’re into the challenge, pick up a copy today and try fight your way through the damned city.


Source Twitter

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