Bloodborne: The Death Of Sleep Is An Official Licensed Bloodborne Comic

Soulsborne players may be in for a treat sometime in 2018, as Titan Comics has announced Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep, an official Bloodborne comic that’s written by Ales Kot (of Generation Gone and Zero) and with art by Piotr Kowalski (who worked on the Wolfenstein 2 and Dark Souls comics).

There’s no real telling what that comic will be about (aside from an anonymous Hunter going about the streets of Yharnam, killing various creatures of the night), but Kot and Kowalski have rather big shoes to fill when it comes to Soulsborne comics.

The original Dark Souls comic that came out to promote Dark Souls 3 wasn’t that well-liked by the fanbase due to a number of canon errors and having no real connection to the Souls games at all. With luck, however, Kot can help make the comic something that Bloodborne fans will actually want to read, especially since he’s professed he’s clocked over 200 hours in the game.

While there’s been no news of a Bloodborne sequel or indeed any new Soulsborne game ever since Dark Souls 3 came out back in early 2016, the fact that Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep is coming out years after Bloodborne came out (the game released in 2015) might very well mean that we’ll be getting another game sometime in the future.

Either way, if you play Bloodborne and have been expressing an interest to get back to Yharnam and engage in a lot of bloody violence, Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep may be just what you need. We still don’t have a confirmed release date or a plot, but if Kot really is as big of a Bloodborne fan as he says he might make it just as obtuse and confusing as the original game.

Be on the lookout for when the comic releases, and get ready for more carnage. Or you can check out other video game comics that have come out more recently.