Bloodborne Character Class Guide – Origins, Starting Stats, What Origin to Choose?

Bloodborne is hard. It really is. Keeping the tradition of ‘Souls Series’ of frustrating players, you’ll often find yourself on the verge of tossing your DS4 into your TV screen.

However, choosing a Character Class that beseems your unique playstyle can mean the difference between life and death. To aid your decision, I’ve provided an overview of each Character Class, attribute details, and more.

Character Classes are a little different in Bloodborne than most mainstream role-playing games. First of all, they are called Origins and determine your character’s starting stats and nothing else.

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Bloodborne Character Class

There is nothing unique to any Origin except the starting stats and point distribution. Hence the idea is to choose an Origin with more points in a stat that you need. On the other hand, you can start building your character from scratch using ‘Waste of Skin’ Origin.

Before we dive and know more about Origins, let us take a look at different stats:

Starting Origin Stats

Character Level
This is your Character’s level at the start of the game. With the exception of ‘Waste of Skin’ Origin, all Origins start at Level 10. The ‘Waste of Skin’ Origin is only Level 4.

Blood Echoes
Blood Echoes are Bloodborne’s currency and can be used to trade with Messengers. Gear can also be bought using Blood Echoes.

All accumulated Blood Echoes are lost upon your character’s death but can be retrieved from the location of the death, though, not always. This is a stat which should not alter your decision as you will farm hundreds and thousands of Blood Echoes during the game.

Vitality is essentially your character’s HP in Bloodborne. A character with high Vitality is less likely to die at the hand of monsters. This is the stat which must be in your mind while you are choosing your character’s Origin.

Endurance determines how long your character can stay in a fight while continuously attacking. A character with high Endurance can keep on attacking and dodging without running out of stamina. You should definitely consider this stat if you plan to use large weapons or dodge a lot.

This stat determines your character’s heavy weapon attacks and also affect physical defense. A high Strength stat is also required to equip certain weapons – this is not related to your off-hand gun in any way.

This is pretty much identical to Strength, but increase attack power with skill-bonus weapons and also affects physical defense. Once again, this does not affect your off-hand gun in any way.

Bloodtinge is same for off-hand guns as Strength is for strength-bonus weapons. Bloodtinge does not affect your primary weapons and should be invested in by the players who like to use their guns a lot.

Magic abilities are not in abundance in Bloodborne just as in ‘Souls Series’. Arcane is essentially related to bonus with magic-infused weapons and works somewhat like Strength or Skill stat. I would not recommend investing in it much unless you are planning to go with end-game builds or experimenting with different stats.


There are a total of 9 Origins to choose from in Bloodborne.

Aside from different assortment of stat points, there is no difference between different Origins. Before we head in to discuss each Origin, have a look at the spreadsheet to see how stat points are distributed among different Origins:

Bloodborne Origins Stats


Ordinary happy upbringing, all attributes average

If you do not know which Origin to choose, Milquetoast is your safest bet as the points in this Origin are most-evenly distributed. If you have not played any ‘Souls Game’ before, this one is an excellent choice for you.

Lone Survivor

Lone survivor of lost hamlet, high life essence and vigor

Lone Survivor is pretty much identical to Milquetoast, but with more points invested in Vitality which is why it is also a preferable choice for new players.

Troubled Childhood

Suffered misfortune in youth, highly resilient as a result

Troubled Childhood has a ton of stat points invested in Endurance which allows you to keep on dodging and attacking for a long duration of time but a lack of Vitality raises concerns.

Violent Past

Terribly violent past; rash, but stronger for it

This is for players who like to build a pure melee characters proficient with heavy weapons and not a fan of guns. With this Origin, your options are only limited to barging in an engagement and dishing out damage with your melee weapons.


Born specialist, fit for sleuthing or academia

Professional is a rather unique and difficult Origin to begin with due to most of stat points lying in Skill and Endurance. This is, apparently, specific to the players who wish to build their characters towards a Skill build.

Military Veteran

Experienced in war, a soldier with strength and skill

This is another decent all-rounder Origin which specializes in melee engagements. Its primary focuses are Skill and Strength which are two stats required to equip most of the weapons found near the end-game.

Noble Scion

Scion to a respectable line with faith in your pedigree

The main strength of this Origin lies in using firearms and skill-based melee combat. You will most definitely face a scarcity of firearm ammunition in the game’s world which makes this Origin a little unreliable and hard to use. If you are up for a challenge, sure; go ahead!

Cruel Fate

Faced terrible hardships, but now confident in your purpose

The main focus of Cruel Fate is magic and magic-infused weapons which are not unlocked until you are near the end-game. Hence only choose it if you are up for a challenge in an already challenging game.

Waste of Skin

You are nothing; talentless, you shouldn’t have been born

Waste of Skin is strictly for players who wish to build their character from scratch and allot each point carefully. This Origin starts at a hefty disadvantage, but you can acquire the liberty to take any route you wish for.

Did this guide help you in any way or would you like to know something else, do make sure to let us know in the Comments Section below.

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