Bloodborne Bosses Glitch Makes Them Easy to Beat

So much for a game that was supposed to remind you of how tough Dark Souls or Demon Souls was. Okay maybe I overreacted here, but there is a glitch in Bloodborne that let you nerf the bosses before you fight them.

It is as easy as pie and, comically, turns the supposedly hard to beat bosses into pie as well.

All you need to do is turn on the game and leave it running for around 12 hours. PlayStation 4 also has the suspend and resume mode which makes it easier for users to employ the glitch to their use.

The said glitch was originally sighted by Reddit user meatballz who has not only shared a video of the effects this has on the bosses but also explained some of the more interesting ones.

For instance, he claims that the BLood-starved Beast “stops jumping all over the room and doing multi-hit combos, and just politely spams his side-swipe” once you leave the game running for the prescribed time.

Similarly, “Amelia stops healing, One Reborn stops pooping acid, every boss changes in some way and ultimately becomes much easier.”

Check out the video above where one of the Bloodborne bosses, Logarius can be seen trotting around like a feeble old man with a scythe.

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