Bloodborne Blood Vials Framing Guide – Farming Locations, Easy Farming

Blood Vials are the main source of healing in Bloodborne. The items are acquired from dead enemies and from the Bath Messenger at the Hunter’s Dream.

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Bloodborne Blood Vials Framing

You can only carry 20 Blood Vials at any time and store up to ninety-nine. In case you wish to farm Blood Vials to get your character through the toughest of monsters, below are a few tips:

Central Yharnam Blood Vials Farming Method

The method allows you to farm 10-15 Blood Vials and 12-15 Quicksilver Bullets on average. Here is how you need to start:

Start from the Central Yharnam and take the route as if it’s your first run of the area. Collect everything and do not spare any enemy to acquire Quicksilver Bullets as a bonus reward.

Once you arrive at the bridge with a couple of werewolves, run past them and take the steps down into a dark room on the left side.

These wolfs are too big to fit through the door and you can easily kill them using the extended range of your weapon.

After you are done with the werewolves, come out and kill all enemies standing outside the foggy area. Head inside the house once again and kill everything inside the house.

Do not forget to kill the dude sitting in the wheelchair to acquire around 3-4 Quicksilver Bullets.

Come out of the house and head towards the Lantern leading back to Hunter’s Dream and repeat the process again to farm as much as you want.

Blood Vials Framing Method #2

For this method, you need to defeat Father Gascoigne. Once you have done this, head to the Great Bridge (the area where you fight Cleric Beast) and kill the Brick Troll.

You can also takedown the Carrion Crows if you want, but I recommend dashing towards the entrance of the building and killing the Hunter Mob inside.

Once you are inside the dark house, you need to kill every single one enemy inside the house and exit the building to reach the Central Yharnam Lantern.

A little ahead, you will come across a couple of Trolls. I recommend taking them down one by one and not to get your character surrounded – stun them for the most effectiveness.

Next you need to head inside the Elevator Room and take down the elevator before getting on the bridge.

Once on the bridge, stall all the enemies until the Troll destroys them with the flaming boulder and kill all the remaining enemies. Go straight ahead and prepare yourself for a tough battle!

You need to kill two Scythe-Wielding Trolls before moving to the Father Gascoigne boss arena and heading back to Hunter’s Dream to repeat the whole process again.

Hemwick Charnel Link Blood Vials Farming Method

For the method, you need to beat the Witches of Hemwick and have a fairly upgraded weapon. To get started, you need to head to the Hemwick Charnel Lane and turn around to go up the staircase.

Up, you will find three pretty easy enemies who will occasionally drop some Blood Vials for your character to grab.

Once you are out, you need to kill one Brute right in front of you and another couple of Brutes down the hill.

Go a little ahead and you will face a wizard and some wolves just around the corner to grab some more items along the way.

Once you have cleared off the area, just turn around and go back from where you originally came and repeat the entire process.

We will try and add more methods to farm Blood Vials, but for the time being, the above mentioned should suffice.

If there is something else you would like to us add, do make sure to let us know in the Comments Section below.

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