Bloodborne Blood Stones Locations ‘Get Weapons of Highest Level

In order to unlock Weapon Master Trophy in Bloodborne, you must acquire a weapon of the highest fortification level. But how do you increase a weapon’s fortification level?

To do so, you must defeat Father Gascoigne in Odeon Chapel and open a Treasure Chest which contains the Blood Gem Workshop Tool an extra material called Blood Stone.

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Bloodborne Blood Stones Locations

There are 4 tiers of Blood Stones which are Shard, Twin Shards, Chunk, and Blood Rock – in increasing order to rarity. As you continue to increase Fortification Level of a weapon, it requires more of high-tier Blood Stones.

Following are the location of all Blood Stones:

Shards are mostly dropped by Ogres, Axe Reapers, and Werewolves in almost all areas before the Cathedral Ward. You can also find them in the Chalice Dungeons of 1-2 Depth and from Insight Merchant.

Twin Shards
Twin Shards are found in 3rd Depth Chalice Dungeons and from Insight Merchant in the Hunter’s Dream. They are also dropped by large enemies in the Nightmare Frontier, Forbidden Woods, Cathedral Ward, and Old Yharnam.

Chunks are dropped by the enemies in 4th Depth Chalice Dungeons, Cainhurst Castle, Upper Cathedral Ward, Yahar’Gul, Nightmare Lecture Building, and Nightmare of Mensis.

In all above mentioned areas, you will find crawling enemies who will disappear after a short while. These crawling enemies drop Chunks most of the times in addition to Werewolves and Giant Reapers.

Blood Rock
Those who do not know, you can acquire one Blood Rock immediately after killing Micolash. Aside from the Mergo’s Loft: Middle, you can also find it in the 4th/5th Depth Chalice Dungeons.

In order to acquire the Blood Rock, head to the Micolash Bridge Lantern and continue to go up the staircase until you come across an elevator on the right-side.

You need to take the elevator down and jump out into an opening that appears shortly after the elevator starts going down. Continue to open up Treasure Chests to acquire Chunks on your way.

You should avoid engaging the enemies and use a Sedative as soon as your Frenzy Meter hits 70 percent. Continue along the path until you come across a lever and a hole on the left side of the area.

You need to pull the lever in the area to trigger a small cut-scene and jump into the hole on the left-side. Go across the beam and open up a Treasure Chest to acquire Choir Bell.

After acquiring the Choir Bell (if you need), head back across the wooden beam and head towards the exit. Once you reach the open area, continue ahead and drop down from your right-side.

After you arrive in the new area, check the corpse containing the Blood Rock.

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