Bloodborne Amygdala Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

Amygdala is another optional boss that you can encounter in Bloodborne. This boss is located in the Nightmare Frontier and is comparatively tougher than the other optional bosses in the game.

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Bloodborne Amygdala Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Here is everything you need to know to defeat Amygdala:

Due to her enormous size, most Bloodborne players tend to attack Amygdala anywhere they prefer. But if you wish to maximize your damage output, you should always aim for her head; especially when she leans down.

It is pretty convenient to attack her large limbs, but the areas are heavily armored and possess high defense stats.

As for her attacks, Amygdala mostly confines herself to a couple of sweeping and pounding attacks. All her attacks are really easy to dodge and if you are sticking close to her, you can easily dodge under her and get behind her.


Things at long range are different matter altogether; at long range, Amygdala uses a laser attack directed towards you which deals good enough damage, but once again, you can easily evade this attack by dodging in any direction.

Drop down Amygdala’s HP to 50 per cent and she will draw out 4 large weapons – one equipped in each hand. Even at this phase of the battle, stick to the strategy above but make sure not to get hit.

During later phase of the battle, try and stay on the move while delivering a few quick hits from time to time to end this optional boss fight.

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