Bloodborne Endings Guide – How to Get All 3 Alternate Endings

Bloodborne contains a ton of secrets and subplots to discover so it seems fitting to incur more than one ending.

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Bloodborne Endings

The game offers 3 alternative endings which are discussed in this guide. The first 2 endings can be acquired by simply accepting or refusing a certain offer, but the third one requires some additional effort.

Before moving ahead, do note that the guide contains potential spoilers that should be avoided if you are still playing the game.

The ‘Good’ Ending
The first ending is acquired by accepting Gerhman’s Offer in the game and unlocks ‘Yharnam Sunrise’ Trophy.

The ‘Bad’ Ending
The second ending is acquired by refusing Gerhman’s Offer in the game and unlocks ‘Honoring Wishes’ Trophy.


The ‘True’ Ending
In order to acquire the ‘True’ ending, you need to acquire all 3 pieces of the ‘One Third of Umbilical Cord’ pieces. Here is how you do this:

You can acquire the first piece by killing Mergo’s Wet Nurse. You can check out our Mergo’s Wet Nurse guide for more information.

The second piece can be found in the Abandoned Old Workshop. You can check out our Abandoned Old Workshop Guide to know where to find this secret area.

For the third and the last piece, you should have met and saved Arianna after which she will give birth to a child in the Tomb of Oedon sewer.

You need to go to the Cathedral Ward, go down the ladder and kill her baby. After this, you need to kill Iosefka in her clinic which is located in the area where the game begins.

Once you have acquire all three pieces, you need to consume them before refusing the final offer and enjoy the one true ending.

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