Bloodborne Abandoned Old Workshop Location ‘The Source of Dream Trophy Guide

Abandoned Old Workshop is a hidden area in Bloodborne which must be discovered to unlock The Source of the Dream Trophy and acquire two additional Insight Points.

This guide is a brief walkthrough of how to discover Bloodborne Abandoned Old Workshop:

In order to unlock the Abandoned Old Workshop, you need to kill the Blood-Starved Beast which unlocks the path to the Healing Church in the Cathedral Ward.

After doing so, head to the Cathedral Ward Lantern, go down the stairs, veer right, open the door, and take up the elevator in the area.

Once you arrive in the new area, kill the Wheelchair Gunner and cross the bridge to the other side. Instead of entering the door ahead, veer right to drop down the ledge and continue forward to enter the building.

After you find your character standing on a wooden bridge, continue forward until you see a small hole in the boards. From the area, turn around on top of the crack and stick to the rightmost side of the bridge.

You need to look down and find a small broken wooden bridge and jump on it. Once you land on the broken wooden platform, look down and find another broken wooden platform right next to a door which leads to a workshop.

Do note you need plenty of Blood Vials to keep you alive as you jump down onto the suspended platforms.

You can also check out the video tutorial provided by ‘F8L-Fool’:

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