Bluepoint And Bloodborne 2 Rumors Get Rekindled

The involvement of developer Bluepoint Games in a highly rumored Bloodborne 2 as well as a remaster of the original game has started to make noise once again.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Kinda Funny co-founder and co-host Colin Moriarty claimed that Bluepoint Games may be working on a Bloodborne-related project. He later added that the developer has been remastering the original Bloodborne and a Bloodborne 2 sequel could also be in the cards.

The claim was soon after acknowledged by known insider Millie A who has a proven track record when it comes to leaking information about Sony Interactive Entertainment plans. Her involvement has rekindled all previous rumors for both the Bloodborne remaster and Bloodborne sequel which have been surfacing pretty often for more than a year in running.

A few months back, another known insider claimed that Sony has indeed green-lit a Bloodborne remaster for not only PlayStation 5 but also PC. However, all rumors about Bloodborne 2 are fake since developer FromSoftware wants to focus on creating new intellectual properties, Elden Ring being a prominent example in that regard.

By that account, Sony may have possibly palmed off Bloodborne 2 to Bluepoint Games since the developer helmed the recent Demon’s Souls remake and is now officially a first-party PlayStation studio.

Elsewhere, Sony and HBO are said to be working together on a live-action Bloodborne television series. Sony was apparently not happy with an early version of the script and an announcement will be made once concerns such as around boss fights are addressed.

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