Bloober Team stresses creative freedom amid Silent Hill 2 remake rumors

Bloober Team, the Polish developer behind recent horror games such as The Medium and Blair Witch, has nothing to say about its rumored helming of a Silent Hill 2 remake but does plan to make an announcement as soon as possible.

“We can’t comment on anything we are doing because we appreciate our relationship with our partners,” said Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno to IGN in an interview earlier today. “We will make an announcement about our future projects as soon as we can. So then you will know much more.”

Bloober Team partnered with Konami last year “to produce games from existing and new IPs” right after Konami was reported to be outsourcing its intellectual properties (Silent Hill, Castlevania, Metal Gear) to third-party developers for remasters, remakes, and possibly all-new installments.

Bloober Team was already rumored to be working on a Silent Hill reboot before it officially announced its partnership with Konami. The developer had even mentioned that it was working with a “very famous publisher” on a horror game.

While speaking in general and not necessarily about Konami in the interview, Babieno stressed the importance of having creative freedom when working on someone else’s intellectual property.

“I would say that it’s hard to work with someone who [owns an IP you’re working on], but we are always talking with those licensors, [saying] ‘Guys we would like to use your license, but we would like to tell our own story.’ If we are not able to tell our own story, if we will not have creative freedom, it doesn’t make sense, because Bloober Team will not make a great game.

“If you are in a prison, you will not be able to fly. So that’s why we are trying to only [make] those titles in which we are feeling, ‘OK, it will be a Bloober Team game, not someone [else’s].’ So even on the project we can’t talk [about], it will still be a Bloober Team title,” said Babieno.

A couple of days ago, Bloober Team was reported to be working on a Silent Hill 2 remake as a timed PlayStation console exclusive. The remake will allegedly have reworked puzzles and new endings.

If those reports are accurate and considering what Babieno said about creative freedom, Bloober Team can be expected to add its own spin on the unannounced Silent Hill project.

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