Bloober Team’s Working On Layers Of Fear 3, Two More Unannounced Projects

Bloober Team has for long been rumored to be working on a Silent Hill reboot but as it turns out, the Polish developer has multiple projects in its pipelines.

Taking to Twitter last week, content creator Bob pointed out that the European Commission has agreed to fund Bloober Team for three unannounced projects as part of a Creative Europe Media Program. The said games are already listed by the developer on its official website with brief outlines and under codenames.

Project H2O explicitly mentions itself to be a sequel to the psychological horror Layers of Fear franchise. What could potentially be Layers of Fear 3 will be “a hidden horror game” which combines “a high level of emotions during play and a unique engrossing narrative.”

Project Black has been listed as a mature story-driven horror experience where players are pitted against aliens during the Middle Ages. The first-person gameplay promises a blend of exploration and survival, as well as hand-to-hand combat which will “always pose a challenge and build tension” as players try to “stay alive in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.”

Project Black looks to be a brand new intellectual property which Bloober Team wants to explore as a franchise. The developer will be using “realistic” set-pieces for its historical setting which “allows for potential spin-offs set in other historical periods [akin to] Assassin’s Creed.”

Project Dum Spiro looks to be another brand new intellectual property in the works. The (working) title comes from a Latin phrase ‘dum spiro, spero’ which means ‘while I breathe, I hope.’ The expression defines the main theme where players take control of an imprisoned boy who must “struggle against all odds in order to hide and save his little sister” from a World War 2 ghetto.

Bloober Team will be breaking down “the so-called fifth wall” for Project Dum Spiro to “focus on increasing immersion” by giving players “the freedom to make all the choices in the game and assessing their impact at the same time.”

Dum Spiro was apparently scheduled to end its development in 2018. H2O was tagged for 2019 but as of now shows early 2021. Black is the only game to be given a 2022 window.

Take note that all three codenames are working titles, none of which have been announced by Bloober Team. It also remains unknown what release order the developer will be pursuing. The only thing certain is that all three unannounced projects should be seeing the light of day in the next few years.

So where is the Silent Hill reboot? It is possibly that either Dum Spiro or Black is what Silent Hill fans have been musing all this time. That being said, a Silent Hill reboot, if true, could also not be part of the trio of projects.

Bloober Team and Konami announced a new “strategic cooperation agreement” recently to work on existing and new games. The partnership was enough to fuel Silent Hill rumors once again.

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