Bloober Team Denies Recent Leaks, New Projects “Bigger Than The Medium”

Bloober Team has come forward to categorically deny any of the three recently leaked projects to be in the works.

In a statement issued to IGN earlier today, chief marketing officer Tomasz Gawlikowski confirmed that Project H2O ended up being Layers of Fear 2 and should not be confused with a new Layers of Fear 3 sequel.

Project Dum Spiro on the other hand was scrapped “after numerous iterations” suggested the game to not be “commercially viable.” Project Black or at least its original concept was similarly shelved as well.

Bloober Team currently has “two active internal projects, one in the production phase and one in the pre-production phase.” One of them, presumably the one in production, is Project Black which Gawlikowski noted has become “a much different project” than the one mentioned in the leaks.

While no other details were shared, Gawlikowski added that both of the new in-development projects “are going to be bigger in scope than The Medium.”

Bloober Team and Konami announced a new “strategic cooperation agreement” recently to work on existing and new games. The announcement rekindled rumors that the Medium developer has been working on a Silent Hill reboot, which may possibly be the second project stated by Gawlikowski and which remains in pre-production.

Elsewhere, Bloober Team is working alongside its new projects to bring The Medium to PlayStation 5. Konami on the other hand has a brand new cooperative game called Crimesight in the works which features both Sherlock and Moriarty in a “mystery simulation” setup where players have to investigate and prevent crimes from happening, as well as determine the identity of both the victim and perpetrator.

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