Blizzard’s Plans for Overwatch in 2017 Include Server Browser, Map, More

In the six months since it released to the public, Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm, and Blizzard intends to keep that rolling with Overwatch in 2017. The game will be getting a variety of new content and mechanics, including, among many other things, a server browser.

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Server browsers are normally used in many team-based online games so that players can determine which server would be best for them to play on in terms of ping and other factors. Along with the server browser, Overwatch in 2017 will be getting the public version of the Oasis map, more holiday events (more than the Halloween and Christmas ones we got this year), customization options for the communication wheel (so you can pick and choose what emotes you want to use), and more.

Players can also expect more modes and maps to play, along with numerous heroes, including one that Blizzard says is very promising, and who they’ve already started moving through the art pipeline, so at some point in 2017 we can expect at least one new hero in likely several months.

Considering that Blizzard added in Ana and Sombra in the last few months, we can expect even more to come out now that the game has a whole year of play ahead of it that will likely only serve to improve it more and more.

Overwatch in 2017 will also be getting a few things for spectators and eSports, including a viewer map among other things.

It’s likely that everything that Blizzard ended up saying here is only the tip of the iceberg as well, and we can expect to see a lot more content in the game when 2017 rolls around, and until December 31 of 2017, we’ll just have to see how the game is actually going to improve in the next year.