Blizzard To Introduce More Pure Overwatch Heroes Very Soon

Very recently Blizzard has shared that they have plans and will be introducing more Pure Overwatch Heroes very soon.

Overwatch has seen several hybrid characters recently, Brigitte as a support tank and Moira as an off-tank. Although, now that more pure heroes will be coming to Overwatch in near future is very much exciting.

Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman revealed that the Overwatch team has its focus solely set on hybrid characters.

He further said that, the most important thing is that the team is always open to different opinions. Sometimes that could mean more hybrid heroes like Brigitte, Zenyatta, or Roadhog.

Although not always, sometimes it could mean heroes with more of a “pure” role, such as Mercy, Reinhardt, or McCree.

So keeping all the previously said into context, Goodman thinks that its pretty much likely that we may see hybrid heroes but we can surely expect more pure heroes.

Talking about Overwatch heroes, a little while back Blizzard also revealed some information which was pretty interesting.

The game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that they might kill an Overwatch hero in future as well. Although, killing an Overwatch hero does not entirely mean that players won’t be able to play the character.

Of course, that character will have a life after death. So we don’t have to worry even if Blizzard does decide about killing an Overwatch hero in the future.

Talking about Blizzard, recently the Hearthstone game director Ben Brode announced his departure from, Blizzard. Which left the fans, pretty much at the altar.

That being said, What are your thoughts on the future plans that the Overwatch team has? Do you think that introducing more More Pure Overwatch Heroes will be something that fans will enjoy?

We like to think so, and apparently, Blizzard also has better hopes. Only time will tell.

Source: PCGames