Blizzard President Thinks That New Survival Game is Creative and Innovative

Blizzard president Mike Ybarra voiced his approval on Twitter for the upcoming Blizzard survival game that the studio is working on.

Nearly a year ago, news dropped that Blizzard Entertainment was starting to develop a game in the survival genre as its first new IP since Overwatch back in 2016. Now, president Mike Ybarra has gone on record saying that what he’s seen of the game looks creative and innovative.

While there hasn’t been anything from the game shown off so far, we do know from the genre it’s in that it will most likely include things like crafting, an open-world, hunting, multiplayer, and more. However, there have also been indications that it will include puzzle-solving and even some FPS elements in it.

Ybarra had no information about the game otherwise, but if he’s impressed with what he’s seen of the game so far, hopefully this will bode well for Blizzard. The company hasn’t exactly seen the height of success in the last few years as multiple controversies have caused its reputation to plummet despite the release of Overwatch 2 and the impending release of Diablo 4.

Survival games are also a new genre for Blizzard, which up until Overwatch had been mostly making fantasy-based RPGs or, in the case of the Warcraft trilogy, real-time strategy games. Them taking this slow so that it will end up to be just as good as the Overwatch universe was when it released will hopefully mean the game turns out well.

While survival games are no longer inundating the market the way they were before, that timing could likely help things work out in Blizzard’s favor, considering that doing it now would help the game to feel more distinct…if, that is, the game can overcome Blizzard’s reputation once it releases.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is moving closer and closer these days, so as long as all of the problematic elements of the company are kicked out before then, maybe Blizzard will have another success on its hands. Either way, if the developers are passionate about the game, and the president is impressed, hopefully Blizzard’s survival title will turn out well whenever it releases.

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