Blizzard Seeks “Esports Observer” to Help With Overwatch Spectator Experience

A deep and meaningful Overwatch Spectator experience is essential for the game to cement its esports footing before inauguration of the Overwatch League.

Blizzard is well-aware of the importance of building and developing the game for both the professional and casual audiences. For the same purpose, the developer is seeking an “Esports Observer” who will be responsible for defining systems that will be used globally in competitive environments.

The candidate will work closely with the internal development team to come up with improvements for the spectator mode and cater to the needs of the audience. In addition, the job listing includes the production of content for tournaments and working on the longevity of the game’s esports boundaries.

The following are the responsibilities that the candidate must adhere to:

  • Spectate and produce content for Overwatch tournaments of all tiers
  • Work with team to establish and develop team cohesion and group camera work in the game client
  • Work with team of observers to continually improve techniques of spectating Overwatch
  • Partner with internal stakeholders to brainstorm in-client improvements to the spectator functionality
  • Collaborate with internal departments to develop a cohesive vision for Overwatch esports observing
  • Recognize and evangelize relevant storylines in Overwatch esports
  • Establish needs, requirements and wish list items to improve viewability of Overwatch esports
  • Provide feedback on existing systems and processes
  • Evangelize best observing practices to internal and external partners
  • Develop comprehensive understanding of current esports landscape as it relates to all Blizzard titles

The current Overwatch spectator experience is pretty underwhelming. While Blizzard has released a few updates to make the situation better, the game still is more fun to play than watch. Streaming is a core aspect for a healthy esports game. It is detrimental for the Overwatch League that Blizzard manages to improve the viewer’s experience in order to garner a following.

For now, the developer has included static cameras and third-person health bars for the audience to follow some of the action. Still, there is a lot more required.

Earlier this week, data miners managed to discover a listing for an Overwatch Game of the Year Edition. It is slated to release later this month to celebrate the first anniversary of the game. The Game of the Year Edition will feature ten loot boxes, and perhaps more digital goodies.

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