Blizzard Reveal Some Diablo 3 Season 5 Details

Diablo fans will no doubt be looking forward to season 5 of Diablo 3. Expected to be live early next year, it brings some interesting changes to the game.

Blizzard have released a blog post detailing some of the changes that will be coming to the game. That includes patch 2.4.0 that is currently in testing and will be bringing the changes. These changes include the removal of Season-exclusive Legendary items and the introduction of a new and varied set of rewards.

The removal of the Seasonal Legendaries is based on user feedback as they appear to have been an unpopular change to the game. All Legendaries will be available to be found by players when Patch 2.4.0 hits.

A new item-based reward will be coming in the formn of Haedrig’s Gift, a special bundle of Set items that will be given out when the player completes certain stages of the Season Journey. These will start in Chapter 3 of the season.

In Season 5, the class sets offered as rewards will be:

  • Barbarian: Might of the Earth
  • Crusader: Thorns of the Invoker
  • Demon Hunter: The Shadow’s Mantle
  • Monk: Monkey King’s Garb
  • Witch Doctor: Raiment of the Jade Harvester
  • Wizard: Firebird’s Finery

As well as these changes expect new cosmetic additions such as pets, wings, and pennants. There will also be a “Season Rebirth system” that allows you to take your non-Seasonal characters and transform them into one that is Seasonal, so you can get into the action from day one. Be sure to read the Blizzard blog for more details.

Season 5 is expected to start in Diablo 3 January 15, 2016.

Are you looking forward to Season 5? Let us know your thoughts below.

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