Blizzard Releases Overwatch Update 3.01, Includes Multiple Hero Changes

Blizzard has released Overwatch update 3.01, which includes changes to multiple heroes that are mainly quality of life focused.

Blizzard Entertainment has just released Overwatch update 3.01, which mainly concerns itself with more changes to multiple different heroes. So, if you play any of the heroes listed in these patch notes, you might want to pay attention to see how your main has been changed. This is also all that the patch does.

The various heroes that have gotten changes in the update include Ana, Brigitte, Hanzo, Mei, Moira, Symmetra, and Torbjorn. The changes aren’t that much, mainly being adjustments to a single ability, but can still be major for people that main them.

Getting into the specifics, Ana’s Biotic Grenade now passes through characters with full health, preventing you from wasting a power-up. Brigitte’s base health has also been reduced from 175 to 150, as her abilities made her far too tanky.

For Hanzo, his Storm Arrows can now be manually cancelled. Mei’s Ice Wall can also be manually destroyed when you’re dead, allowing you to avoid inconveniencing your teammates from beyond the grave. Moira’s healing has also become more efficient now.

Overwatch update 3.01 also allows Symmetra to destroy her teleporter manually when she’s dead. The same also goes for Torbjorn’s turret whenever he dies. While it’s not what Elon Musk might have wanted, these sorts of things can save a player some annoyance when they respawn.

There’s no telling if we may get more hero adjustments like these in the future, but hopefully they’ll help to at least balance Overwatch a little bit at a time before the sequel comes out, though Blizzard has yet to actually announce when that will be.

Either way, the last bit of Overwatch update 3.01 is a general one, and it’s also only concerned with the heroes. Mainly, support heroes will no longer say “Group up with me” when they are missing health and requesting healing.

If you want to see the official patch notes, you can find them here. Otherwise, if you still play Overwatch, go out and see how the quality of life changes for your heroes feel in play.

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