Blizzard Reconnecting Vanilla WOW Friends For World Of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard has opened up a new forum dedicated to reconnecting you with old WOW friends so you can play World of Warcraft Classic together. In short, the forum will come in handy for those who are looking to play with old friends from 2004 or 2006.

In case you don’t know, World of Warcraft launched almost 15 years ago. That’s a long time and it’s possible that you drifted apart from people you used to play the game with. Keeping that in mind, Blizzard Entertainment’s new forum aims to reconnect players with their previous guilds and guildies.

The new forum will help you find old players from different realms. Further, you can find the people that you used to play Alliance and Horde with. The list of realms is massive thus it’s better for you to head over to Blizzard Forums to find your old buddies. And you can also enter your name in the list so others can find you.

World Of Warcraft Classic

In addition to this, the site also allows you to find new people if you are new to the game. However, make sure to not fall for spam accounts.

We advise players to check out the forums today to play World of Warcraft Classic with friends at launch. WOW Classic will release on August 27, 2019.

Mark your calendars: WoW Classic goes live worldwide August 27! Whether your battle cry is “For the Horde!” or “For the Alliance!”, there’s no shortage of adventure awaiting you in the vast continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

As for the question that is WOW Classic free? No, it’s not. The upcoming game is free with World of Warcraft standard subscription. And Blizzard has no plans yet to sell WOW Classic as a standalone title. Further, WOW subscription will cost you $14.99 a month.

With that said, Blizzard has announced that WOW classic name reservation will begin on August 12 at 6:00 PM EDT. To reserve your name in World of Warcraft Classic, you need to have an active subscription or game time on your World of Warcraft account. Players will be able to create up to three characters on a single World of Warcraft account.

Blizzard has yet to reveal how players will be able to reserve their names. It’s possible that WOW classic name reservation will be done in-game or on a website.

World of Warcraft Classic will release exclusively for PC on August 27.


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