Blizzard have Detailed Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.0 Ahead of Its Release

We’ve known since late last year that Diablo 3 patch 2.4.0 was coming. Now that the release is imminent Blizzard have previewed what to expect from the game.

On Blizzard’s blog, Blizzard have revealed the full details of patch 2.4.0. Not only does it add a new zone to the game in the form of Greyhollow Island but it also adds some new bonus areas (Eternal Forest and the Royal Quarters).

Along with these new areas, there are new Set Items which “have grown in strength, boasting new or improved abilities”. This is in addition to new items that Horadrim has discovered and catalogued.

Adding to the challenge of the game will be Set Dungeons:

“Pride is a satisfying sin, and there is no greater gratification than watching an egotistical hero fall as a result of their own hubris. Naturally, when a curiously dangerous new set of challenges arises, I have little doubt your arrogance will get the best of you. Set Dungeons have begun opening their mystical portals all around the land of Sanctuary, and you will be permitted to enter should you be fully equipped with a completed wardrobe.”

While players obviously enjoy their treasure, it seems that the game is looking down on this “greed of adventurers” revealing:

“The greed of adventurers knows no bounds, and I have heard whispers of the immense fortunes so many of you possess. While I am hardly impressed, perhaps I can recommend an alternative to rolling about in your filthy lucre? The abilities of your nephalem friend Orek are not yet depleted, and he has use for such riches.

Empowered Rifts allow your gold to serve you best by enhancing your Legendary Gems with additional levels of power. Naturally, should you fail in your challenge, the treasure you offered will be as forfeit as your life. A pity, but to be expected.  Buyers should always beware.”

Be sure to read the full blog for all of the details of what is to come. It looks like there are plenty of interesting things to come for Diablo 3 players this year.

Are you looking forward to patch 2.4.0? Let us know your thoughts below.

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