Blight: Survival Devs Talk About Local Co-op and Offline Play

Blight: Survival's devs at Haenir Studio sat down for an interview where they talked about the game's co-op and single-player options.

Haenir Studio, the developers of the upcoming multiplayer “Extraction-lite” game Blight: Survival, sat down with us to answer a few questions about their upcoming game. Along with other topics like gameplay mechanics and technical stuff, they addressed questions about the game’s co-op makeup, and the possibility of single-player “offline” play.

Blight: Survival takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, where a conflict between two warring kingdoms has caused a blight to begin, which corrupts people and turns them into mindless, violent monsters. But even with this threat, players will always have allies to work with, according to the devs.

We intend to have matchmaking with dedicated servers as well as an option to invite your friends. The progression and loot is shared with party members.

Blight: Survival has gotten a gameplay trailer in the past, showing off multiple ways that you could defend yourself and achieve your objectives in the game. These objectives, according to the developers, are best done with a team, rather than going it alone, especially considering there’s nobody watching your back.

Yes, venturing alone will be more dangerous. As it should be.

Of course, even if solo play is more dangerous, there will undoubtedly be many players who want to go on a mission entirely alone specifically for the challenge, and so Haenir Studio has already made it possible to make characters for loners.

We’ll most likely allow players to make specific ‘offline’ characters, as this is indeed a request that we’ve seen often.

However, unfortunately if you were looking to be able to play the game locally, you’re out of luck at the moment. But, while it’s not in the game yet, Haenir has said that local co-op play is a possibility that could happen in the future, though it’s up to the fans to make it happen.

We actively listen to our community–and I’m not just saying that. If there is a large demand for something, it is definitely something that we would want to consider. With that said, we also want to make sure that players have the experience we intended. Now, I haven’t seen local co-op come up a lot on our socials or community channels, but if we notice a spike in demand it is definitely something we’d be keen to look into.

Blight: Survival doesn’t have a release date yet, but we do know that it will be releasing on PC, and that Haenir will be aiming to release it on consoles at some point in the future. Hopefully we’ll get more gameplay footage soon as well, especially considering everything else the developers have said about the game.


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