Bless Unleashed Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Bless Unleashed is indeed a lengthy process, particularly after passing Regional Quests. This guide will give you a few insights to make the most of your time in-game to level up fast in Bless Unleashed.

Bless Unleashed Leveling

Here are a few suggestions that will assist you in gaining XP quickly in Bless Unleashed

Playing the Main Quest

To proceed in the game, you must complete the main quest. Playing through the main quest is recommended because it not only helps you leveling up but also unlocks more maps, dungeons, various side quests, bosses, and a bunch of other stuff as well.

Side Quests

If you’re aiming to level up, side quests shouldn’t be your primary concern because they’ll just provide you with the bare minimum of XP, so avoid them. However, if you want to learn new skills, side quests are a good option.

Regional quests and bosses

Regional quests and bosses are great for gaining XP and loot. So, as soon as you unlock new places, finish the Regional quests and Bosses to speed up your leveling.

In a battle, look for bosses and land a few blows on each one. This trick will let you gain a large number of XP.

Completing your daily and weekly quests can become your bread and butter because they offer massive XP (up to 3000) furthermore, the experience gained completing them is also worth it.

Taking down enemies Solo

It is suggested that you take down an opponent on your own as you will gain the most amount of XP.

When you take down an enemy alongside a friend or in a group of players, the XP gained is divided up among all of the players. Since sharing of XP slows leveling up, taking down enemies’ solo is encouraged.

Use a Booster

In Bless Unleashed, there are different types of Experience Boosters. When you’re in towns, look for PvE Combat Boost Tickets from merchants. These can help you generate a lot more XP.

Make sure you’re getting the one with combat XP. These can be found at Golden Key merchants under the heading “Miscellaneous Consumables.” Another similar technique is to buy a piece of Armor with a built-in experience boost or you can craft your own.

Take on similar leveled enemies

Defeating someone with a higher level than you should earn more XP but surprisingly that’s not the case with Bless Unleashed.

When engaging in combat pick someone of your own level because you’ll receive more XP compared to lower and higher-level opponents.

Locations for XP Farming

These are a few locations for XP farming that will help you keep things rolling when you run out of quests to do. You can do group mob grind in these locations to get a handsome amount of XP

  • Car Decors (For beginners)
  • Rift in Stezza (Probably most famous spot)
  • Castle Crasher Location (Frequented mob grind spot)
  • Wolves (Good spot for player vs player)
  • Hell House (The most prolific grinding spot)
  • Tristeza Snakes (Quite a crowdy place)

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