Blair Witch Bunker Door Puzzle Guide

Although the Bunker Door puzzle is optional but almost everyone has the urge to solve it and the hindrance is that it is very complicated. This game will make you go through several locked doors and this bunker door is the first of them. Whether players choose to go through the bunker or not will have an impact on which ending of the game they unlock. So let’s begin our Blair Witch Bunker Door Puzzle guide.

Blair Witch Bunker Door Puzzle

If you wish to go through the bunker you will have to find a 4-digit code and for that, you will have to go to the sheriff’s vehicle parked in Black Hills forest. Just follow the ravine keep going back where you came from. You need to meet the Sheriff at the White Tree, then head back to the Sheriff’s car.

You will get instructions from a mysterious voice on a walkie talkie which will give you steps to perform which will be to turn your car’s headlights on.

The whole thing starts when Bullet brings you keys to your car and upon getting in you find out that its batteries are dead.

You will have to pop the hood and reattach the batteries to get them working. Once you connect the batteries, reignite the car and the radio will turn on. Push the left button on the radio and you will hear a woman’s voice. She will then give you the code through a message. This code is 2113.

With the code in your hands, you can now enter the bunker.

Inside the Bunker
Inside the bunker, you need to power up the radio to get the clue of the story that you want. For this, you have to pick up 12V batteries in the Sawmill section of the game. You cannot get them in this play through. You have to complete the game and start anew to do this.

The radio presents a secret ending for Blair Witch. You will learn details about the boy you are searching for after powering the radio on. Next to the Radio, you will find a note. Pick it up and go back to the Sheriff’s car to proceed with the Fuse puzzle.

Inside the car, you will find another note explains the fuse in the car. You will get the information about the type of the fuse you need and which parts the fuse controls in the glove compartment. There are fuses in the compartment that you can open by finding an icon on the left of the steering.

There will be a blackened fuse in slot 7 in that compartment, take it out as this is a slot that has the fuse for the front lights. You need to place a 20A fuse back in that slot as specified in the manual and the headlights will be turned on. To do this, you need to move fuse 6 to fuse 7’s location and remove fuse 5.

The headlights will flash and light up, illuminating the forest ahead. Now you can easily progress further and explore what you want.

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