EA Reportedly Working on a Single-Player Black Panther Game

According to famous insider, EA is working on a Brand New Black Panther Single-player game.

The master of insider information in gaming industry, Jeff Grubb has revealed that Electronics Arts is working on A Black Panther Single-Player Video game. While we have received a lot of games based on different superheroes both from Marvel and DC, Black Panther has never received a solo game yet. So this could be his big arrival in the gaming industry.

Yesterday, Jeff teased that he is going to talk about the Black Panther game during Game Mess Mornings show on Giantbomb. Which he did and now we have some interesting tidbits about the game. The new Black Panther game is apparently in development at EA’s new Seattle studio headed by Kevin Stephen who was former VP of Monolith Productions at WB Games.

As for the plot of the game, Black Panther is apparently dead and you will be playing as a new character following the heroic footsteps of Black Panther. So it’s like Gotham Knights where Batman is dead and the Knights are trying to save Gotham Now.

Jeff also revealed that the game is in early development so we shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. So it seems like that EA is shifting its focus again towards single-player games which is a good sign as Single-Player games, despite the trends will always find their place.

Apart from this rumored Black Panther single-player game, we do have some super-hero games that have already been announced or confirmed. In DCU, the closest one is Gotham Knights ofcourse and then we Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Wonder Woman. As for Marvel, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is coming next month while Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 have already been announced. So if you are Marvel and/or DC fan and a gamer too, a lot of good games are in the pipeline.

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