Black Ops Zombies Call of the Dead Strategy Guide

BO1: Call of the Dead is inspired by legendary horror writer and director, George A. Romero, who is also featured in the map alongside Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo. It is the biggest zombie map in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops and can be tricky to get through. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to teach you how to win Call of the Dead. Before starting you should read our Black Ops Zombies Call of the Dead strategy guide on the basics of weapons and perks.

Black Ops Zombies Call of the Dead


Black Ops Zombies: Call of the Dead General Strategy

Avoid Ramero as much as you can and proceed to turn on the power. In order to turn on the power, you need to go to the boat. Buy a quick revive to be safe.

The power is at the top of the boat and if you are lucky you will find the Mystery Box there as well. Once you have turned on the power, you will see the Zipline has moved back to the starting area. Watch the video below for a visual guide to do the same.

How to turn the Power on in Call of the Dead

How to Kill George Romero – Call of the Dead

Weapon: Scavenger Upgraded or not
Reward: Death machine, Four Free Perks

Note. George Romero re-spawns after every two rounds.

Make your way towards the lighthouse. From the lighthouse door, make your way down the stairs which lead to the basement of the lighthouse from the outside. Do not open the door to the lighthouse yet. Once you have reached the bottom of the lighthouse you will see a big metal door.

Go towards it and you will hear the zombie time travelers inside the door. Listen to their conversation, at the end of the conversation they will ask you for a fuse. You will find the fuse on the next floor up lying on one of the tables. You can pick it up by pressing the interaction key.

Come back and place the fuse in the door panel. They will start to talk again and will eventually turn on the security system which you need to de-activate.

There are generators near you, one is right next to you, and once it is on, you can clearly differentiate it with its flashing red light. You need to destroy the generators. To destroy the generators, you need a frag grenade or Semtex. If you don’t have frag grenades or Semtex you can watch the video below to find these:

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead Semtex Locations

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead Perks Locations Guide

JuggerNog Location in Call of the Dead

Where to Find Pack-A-Punch Machine in Call of the Dead
Pack-a-Punch machine in Black Ops: Call of the Dead moves with the light of the lighthouse. Light of the lighthouse basically points towards the spot where the Pack-a-Punch machine is now. Most of the players have found it in the following places: ‘The Starting Area, Area Near JuggerNog Perk and behind a building viewable from the top of the Lighthouse’.

Call of the Dead Co-op Ensemble Cast – Guide

Complete guide on how you can get the Ensemble Cast achievement. It will require you to have map knowledge and know how to navigate the map as well as key points. (This is for CO-OP).

All actions are completed by holding the “X” button or Square button depending on what console you’re on.

What is Required
You need four people. You need the VR-11 (DOES NOT have to be upgraded) for the last few steps.

1# Turn power on
Simple, just turn on the power. If you have read through the general strategy and specific tips above, you should know how to by now.

2# Listen to people behind door / get fuse / put fuse in door
Go to the door where you can hear the people from the other zombies maps talking. Listen to their entire conversation.

They will say something about a fuse. Once they’re totally done talking, go up one floor and there should be a fuse on either one of the tables or in the corner right by the stairs. It’s a gray cylinder.

Take the fuse back to the door and put it in the panel to the right of the door. They will talk some more and tell you to destroy the generators.

3# Destroy the generators
There are four generators around the map that you have to destroy by throwing grenades in them or hitting them with an explosive weapon. They glow red on the top.

  • Right by the door
  • Through the window by the Stamin-Up machine
  • Off the left side of the front of the ship in the ocean
  • One in the catwalks in the middle of the ship on the lower levels

If you’re having trouble finding them, you can watch the video below:

Call of the Dead – Fuse, 4 Generators, Vodka Locations

Go back to the door once you’ve destroyed all four of them (the red light on the top will go out when you’ve destroyed it).

4# Get them vodka
Look around the railings on the map. You should see a hanging bottle or sack frozen to a railing somewhere (the placement is random). Once you find it, have someone stand on the floor below under the bottle. Have a person on top knife the vodka. It will fall, and the person under it will catch it. Take the vodka back to the door and put it in the pneumatic tube to the left of the door.

5# Listen to BROKEN radios in correct order
There are many radios around the map, but four of them don’t have recordings that play. Instead, they just beep. Turns out that the beeping is Morse code. The letters they correspond to are V R I L, presumably for the weapon VR-11 Lazareth.

  • In a container after opening the large bulkhead to get to the back of the ship.
  • On top of a tall green cabinet in the room containing the stairs that lead to the power room on the ship. Open the stairs with the boxes that cost 1250 points, and go into the room on that level. That’s the room.
  • On top of a barrel by the Stamin-Up machine.
  • In the room under the door with the people, there’ll be one on top of a cabinet.

Press them in this order:

  • Near power room
  • Stamin-Up
  • Back of ship near bulkhead
  • Room under door

If that doesn’t work, listen to the tones and look up a Morse code dictionary. The order should end up being VRIL.

6# Bring up submarine
After listening to the radios, a gold star should start blinking in the sky off the back of the ship. Go to the captain’s main room (where the power switch is) and turn the captains wheel so that the spoke with the brown tape is pointing to the bottom right.

There will be three switches to the right of the wheel, but the middle one doesn’t move. Move the one of the left down one click, and the one on the right down until a submarine comes up off the back of the boat. You will know it comes up because you’ll hear water splashing.

7# Put code in lighthouse
In the lighthouse, there is a knob on each floor. Top floor is yellow, second is orange, third is blue, and bottom is purple. The code should go like this.

Yellow = 2, Orange = 7, Blue = 4, Purple = 6

There is an algorithm to solving it, since each knob moves the ones that are touching it in order of floors. The top doesn’t turn the bottom knob, and the bottom doesn’t turn the top. Keep trying you will solve it. Don’t have detailed instructions on it since it was a hit and trial and don’t remember now.

8# Hit the foghorns
Next, there are four foghorn things on the map. They look kind of like metal mushrooms. There are two of them in the Stamin-Up lagoon and two in front of the lighthouse in the area next to the lagoon.

You have to play them in a certain order while the submarine is up. If you play it wrong, the sub will go back down, and you’ll have to wait until the next round for it to come back up. I will explain the order in terms of pitch of the horns.

1 = Highest, 2 = Next to highest, 3 = Next to lowest, 4 = lowest

Play the order 2 3 1 4 in quick succession. Make sure each tone slightly overlaps the last one. If there’s a break, the sub goes away and it won’t work. If you do it correctly, the sub will shoot a green light up to the top of the lighthouse. When you go in the lighthouse, the green light should be going down the stairs all the way to the bottom.

9# Shoot zombie with VR-11
You need the VR-11 for this step. Hopefully someone has it by now. It doesn’t have to be upgraded. Lure a zombie or a crawler into the bottom of the lighthouse. It will be easiest for the rest of the steps if you finish a round with two crawlers. When one is near the green light, shoot him with the VR-11. He will turn into a human and start floating up the green light.

10# Kill human
As soon as his feet leave the ground, blast the crap out of him with everything you have. You’ll probably have to chase him up the stairs. The goal is to kill him. He will stop flailing and lay on his back when he dies.

11# Grab the Golden Rod
Once you kill him, the golden rod will slowly descend from the top of the lighthouse. Grab it once it reaches the bottom floor.

12# Put the Rod in Pneumatic Tube
Take the rod to the door and put it in the same pneumatic tube you put the vodka in. They will talk for about 15 years. Just hold out and don’t die.

13# Patiently Wait While They Talk
After they talk for an obscene amount of time, the fuse in the door will start sparking. Knife it and it will stop sparking. They’ll go on talking for a while again.

14# Achievement Unlocked!
Once they finally finish talking, that’s it. The achievement should unlock. A power-up also gets dropped. It’s the Wonder Waffle, and once you pick it up, you have it until you die or it runs out of ammo.

Black Ops Zombies: Call of the Dead 4 Player Co op Strategy

Split into teams of two, one team goes to the turn on the power and the other works there way through the lighthouse. Send your best players towards the boat to turn on the power since that place is more isolated hence the chance of getting cornered and dying is relatively more than lighthouse area.

Don’t open the lighthouse right away, go down the Phd room instead and work your way to the part of the ship with a square walkway and hold off to get points for juggernaut, it’s a very important perk for this map. Since the Lighthouse team will have the first door open, after the power has been turned on, the power team should on the flinger to meet up with the lighthouse team at juggernaut.

Once you have acquired the perk, work your way up the lighthouse and hold off on the second floor on the windows two on stairs. Stand next to far off window from the door and shoot anything that comes. If things get ugly, jump on the zipline to make an emergency exit.

When you are to leave, make sure the door to Mp40 is open, jump down the pathway that goes to the starting area and if you want to get quick revive if not done already then run to the boat and use the flinger to get back to the lighthouse or use the cave. Repeat it to prolong the survival. You will survive as long as you have good weapons and you don’t get tired.

Perks: Juggernog, Quick Revive, Phd Flopper, Deadshot Daiquiri.
Weapons: Scavanger + any good box and well gun would do.
Explosives (Optional): Semtex, Claymores, Sickle, Matryoshka dolls.

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead 3 Player Strategy

This strategy will work for the team of 2 or 3 players. First off, camp at the starting area for at least 4 rounds. When you have accumulated at least 2000 points, open up towards boat first and go up until we get to the power on the top deck and activate it.

If you need guns at this point, go for the mystery box. If you are still below round 6, get the M16 which is a one burst kill to the head until about round 7 or 8. At this point, if Romero catches up with you, then you need take him to the top deck and get him jump down the holes in the floor.

Next, open up the back half of the ship and buy MP40s which are on the outside of the stairs. As soon as you have enough points (2000 each) buy the door to the left of the bottom of these stairs (next to the PM63).

Through this door, there is some water and a walkway with one window, there are stairs from the water to the walkway and stairs up to the door on the top of the far back of the deck with semtex on it, it also contains JUGGERNOG, which every player should have.

From here, open the door on to the top deck of the far back of the deck. Turn right out of the stairwell towards the bottom of the zipline and turn left, which leads to a passage with one window and one door (which is inside a container).

When you start to get overrun or Romero catches up with you, open up the door to the left of which is the MP40 where you can get more ammunition.

Run out of the broken middle of the boat to the base of the lighthouse. Wait until you’re overrun, open up the passage to the left of the lighthouse OR the door to the base and then work your way up to the very top of the lighthouse where one of you should take the window next to the box spawn.

If there are 2 of you, the other takes the other window and the stairwell, with 3 people, one person takes each window and third takes the staircase.

When you get overrun, cautiously use zipline down to the boat, run past the MP40, get ammo, and off the broken middle of the boat to the lighthouse and repeat Boat > Lighthouse > Zipline. Make sure you leave the lighthouse fast enough and don’t get trapped above the zipline.

Perks and Weapons: PhD Flopper is in the little hut at the base of the lighthouse and Deadeye Daiquari on the top floor of the lighthouse (which reduces your cross-hair).

There is an AK74u on the base of the lighthouse which can be good alongside the MP40 as its ammo is easy enough to get. You can find several other perks on the boat, watch the video above for exact locations.

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead Solo Strategy

Turn on the power, Go to ship, and make your way to top floor. Get Juggernaut, it’s in the basement below the frame of the ship. If you take the stairs down right where the MP40 is located, then take a left at the bottom of the stairs, open one door, go across the icy water, you’ll find Juggernaut on the hallway there.

Open all doors that you can. You’ll want to be able to circle from the starting area bridge, up the path through the cave, into the lighthouse, to the top floor, down the Zipline, back past the MP40, fall of the ledge and follow the path back to the starting area. Difficult ? learn the map and it will get easy.

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead Alternate Strategy #1

Open the path to lighthouse, and then first floor of the lighthouse. Follow the wall to the right after leaving the stairs and open the path that opens not only the ice slide on the right of the room, but also if you continue to go straight past the already open door and past the water you can buy the Stakeout shotgun which, hoping your still in the first 3-5 rounds, will do you wonders.

Head down the ice path and follow the right until you get back to land, jump of the little cliff and open the first floor lighthouse door. Will call the area between the cliff you jumped off and the door you just opened “Outside of the Lighthouse” from here on out.

By now you should have a full escape route unlocked starting from the start of the map, down the lighthouse stairs, around the ice slide and back into the lighthouse.

The bottom floor of the lighthouse will work for those who know how to circle around zombies. It’s going to be really cramped and you’ll need to worry twice as much about running instead of gunning then any other map. Rounds will also take a lot longer this way then any other way. Keep in mind the power still isn’t on.

Keep running around the lighthouse, ice slide, lighthouse et cetra until you have enough points to fully unlock the path to the boat at the beginning. Get a crawler and head back to the start by going back up to the third floor exit of the lighthouse.

At the start of the map open all the doors to the power. You can now take both the Zipline back to the start of the game by simply jumping at it in the little opening, or you can fling across the map with the catwalk thing on the front side of the second to last floor. Now juggernaut is your main concern.

Accumulate enough money to buy the juggernaut. Go back to the outside of the lighthouse area and you’ll see a boat on the bridge that needs to be cleared away.

Take that path until you reach the boat area. On the back right wall you’ll see a door you need to go in followed by another door that needs to be unlocked. After opening the door stay on the path, past the water and into the next tiny room and you’ll see juggernaut right there. You can head back to the outside area of the lighthouse again now.

One away to get the last area unlocked is to take a right up the stairs where juggernaut is and simply buy that door. After doing so you will be allowed to take the other Zipline that starts at the very top of the lighhouse (handy when the box is up there, also if you need to get up to the very top to buy the Deadshot perk).

From here on out you can start your rounds at either the bottom of the lighthouse with the ice slide as your escape or on top of the first boat next to the power with the zipline/deck launcher as your escape. Another area to run around in is the very start, but it’s hard and there’s nowhere to escape to in a last effort.

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead Strategy Round #30

The key for the whole strategy is holding onto the handgun and powering that up into the mustang and salley and getting the PhD flopper with that. Now go to the area where the ak-47 is run around hoarding them up there with the mustang and salley. Only use it to get out of the jam because you are always short on ammo.

Now hoard them up in that area and circle them around the entire map.If things get ugly open the path back to the beginning and circle them around the whole map. Mustang and Salley is the key, always have it out while your hoarding.

Call of the Dead is very difficult map compared to Shi No Numa, Kino Der Toten, The Five, and Der Riese. If you have played it and know anything about, please share your what has worked for you, your strategy may be very helpful to someone who is starting out.

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