Black Ops Cold War High-Resolution Texture Packs Weigh Nearly 30GB On PS5

There are apparently multiple high-resolution texture packs inbound for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation 5.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, PlayStation Game Size confirmed that three high-resolution texture packs have now been added to the database.

The multiplayer, zombies, and dead ops arcade modes will all be receiving new and crispier textures in the coming days. The multiplayer high-resolution texture packs weighs the most, nearly 18GB with the remaining packs to follow. They combine to weigh almost 30GB in size, which means that Black Ops Cold War players will have to free up more storage on their PlayStation 5 consoles.

Both Modern Warfare and Warzone have already received their separate high-resolution texture packs in the past. It should hence not come as a surprise that the recent Black Ops Cold War will be receiving a shiny coat of paint as well.

Storage management has lately been an issue with the Call of Duty franchise, specially on consoles which have a smaller storage drive by default. Black Ops Cold War has reportedly already ballooned past 200GB with frequent patches and content updates. That includes the single-player campaign, multiplayer, zombies, and other related content for players who like to have everything installed for quick access.

PlayStation 5 features less than 700GB of storage space by default. Black Ops Cold War already takes 200GB from that and players will now have to make more room for the 30GB-worth high-resolution texture packs.

It should be noted that Warzone alone had reached 200GB at one point before developer Infinity Ward brought the storage requirement down to less than 100GB. Hence, the player-base is requesting developer Treyarch to follow the same routine and trim its new Call of Duty installment as well.

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