Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Tips

Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War brings you the highly awaited Outbreak mode. Outbreak is a large open area filled with the undead that are waiting for your arrival and it’s your task to wipe them out of existence and escape the zone. This Black Ops Cold War Outbreak guide consists of five of the best tips for longer survival in the Outbreak zone to get to the reward at the end.

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Tips

The main aim in Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode is to survive till the end. This can only happen if you strategize your play in advance. Below are some of the best tips to survive longer in Outbreak.

Always Be on the Move

The biggest mistake players make is that they camp in a certain location for a longer period of time. This can cost them their life rather than surviving till the end. You never know when a Zombie jumps on you from behind while you’ve been staying in one location for so long.

Therefore, it’s best to be on the move every time the path is clear and make your way to the next objective.

Stick Together Team

Just like in every other Squad shooting game, you must stick together as a team instead of playing solo and getting killed. Being around your teammates can come in handy, especially in the Escort and Holdout objectives. So, it’s recommended to stay in a closer range with your allies.

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

The best thing you can do is to roam around the Outbreak zone and take advantage of your surroundings. Since you can’t directly head over to your next objective, you can roam about and find a few additional Points.

Points grant you Perks, upgrade Armor, and allow you to Pack-A-Punch your weapons. Make sure to kill Zombies here and there with headshots that grant you few additional points.

Loot as Much as You Can

Looting is one of the most helpful acts in the game. Looting items such as boxes provide you with ammo, weapons, perks, etc.

The best location to find these boxes are inside of facilities. Here you can easily loot as many boxes as you can and gather up the best loadout for future use.

Make sure to check out the communication towers of Ruka, as it’s said to be one of the best loot areas in the game.

Get to The Chopper!

The infamous dialogue from The Predator also applies in Black Ops Cold War Outbreak. Once you’ve completed all of your objectives, have looted enough material and think you can make it out of the zone alive, you may call the exfil helicopter.

The exfil helicopter is an escape chopper that picks you up from a waypoint and sets a timer so you can reach the location before the countdown ends.

Successfully exiting the zone provides you with multiple rewards. Keep in mind that as you reach the chopper, you’ll face several more Zombies. You must wipe them out to reach the chopper in time. Good Luck!

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