Black Ops 4 Zombies Strategy Guide – Best Weapons, Map Layout, Easter Eggs

In our Black Ops 4 Zombies Strategy Guide, we have detailed all about surviving in COD Zombies Mode, best weapons, Easter Eggs, Trophies, and items.

In our Black Ops 4 Zombies Strategy Guide, we have discussed some viable strategies to bring down hordes of zombies. We have highlighted the best weapons and other useful items like Elixirs, Talismans, Nebula Plasma, and more.

Apart from this, we have detailed high-round strategies for all Zombies Maps, map layouts, Trophies/Achievements, and character unlocks.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Strategy

The Zombies Mode can get excruciatingly tough, especially if you are playing solo, and all the same when you have reached higher levels and facing boss enemies.

This prompts careful management of resources, time, and how effectively you could use the tools at your disposal in bringing about the destruction of the undead.

Let us talk about everything that will be essential to your game plan in BLOPS4 Zombies Mode.

Maps and Characters

Before you start, you should be aware of the perils and threats of each map in the game along with the characters that will support you through it.

Although there are eight characters in total, whether they are playable or not, depends on the actual map where the action takes place.

Below you will find the boss zombies encountered towards the latter part of the progression for each map, along with the characters you can choose for that particular map.

Map Playable Characters Bosses and Mini-Bosses
Blood of the Dead Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Tank Dempsey. Brutus
IX Bruno Delacroix, Diego Necalli, Scarlett Rhodes and Stanton Shaw. Blightfathers Gladiator, the Tiger
Voyage of Despair Bruno Delacroix, Diego Necalli, Scarlett Rhodes and Stanton Shaw. Blightfathers
Classified Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Tank Dempsey. Standard Zombies


We know that without the machinery to do the killing, there will not be the guts and blood we have come to expect and love from a Call of Duty game. In addition to standard powerful weapons, other unique ones just scream “Overkill”.

Such Wonder Weapons are hard to make and you will have to visit a bunch of places on each map to acquire the weapon.

For such weapons, we’ve got a separate detailed Wonder Weapons Guide.

As for standard weapons, these are gathered from either the Mystery Boxes riddled around each map or off walls for a fair price. For both these weapons, it is highly essential to build up clip size and replenish ammo every occasionally.

This is carried via the Pack-a-Punch that is also found at a fixed location on each map. Some of the best weapons that you can obtain and the method to obtain them are listed below:

  • GKS: A powerful Sub-machine gun with a decent fire rate, the weapon can be purchased off the walls in the mode.
  • Sniper Rifle: The Paladin HB50 is an insta-kill be it for any body region including head, chest, and shoulders. Need we say more?
  • VAPR-XKG: Another assault rifle that can quickly pick targets off, and accurately, while you are aiming down the sights. Bought from walls.
  • MOG-12: For close ranges, this shotgun is literally a blast to play with. Thanks to its damage potential, you will be putting down zombies like flies.
  • Spitfire: Has the fastest fire rate out of all weapons, even when you won’t kill, you could for sure cripple the enemy down to a handful of health points left. Always gets you out of trouble.
  • Rampart 17: Arguably, the best assault rifle in the game, the weapon does an insane amount of damage especially with the High Caliber attachment. Of course, it lacks a little when it comes to the fire-rate.
  • Homunculus: Our list would not be complete without mentioning this powerful variation of the monkey bomb. If there is no hope left and zombies are swarming you from all four directions, this little guy teleports and attract zombies. Then it proceeds to sever the heads of each zombie in the group one by one in an instant. These are gathered from the Mystery Box and replaces your grenade or explosives slot.


From increasing ammo size to get a second chance at near-death, you need these special benefits. Moreover, you can choose just the ones you want at the start of each session of the mode.

From the “Create a Class” menu, you can choose four out of a total 12 perks and the locations for them as well.

Since these perks will be allotted to four different can machines, coupled with the fact that the locations for the machines are fixed, this has a strategic important when geography is concerned.

You would know exactly what parts of the map will be overcrowded with zombies and which parts will be quieter and let you use some consumables. Hence, you can devise your plan accordingly.

For all the perks and their descriptions, head to our separate guide Perks Guide.


To start working on acquiring these, you will first need to head to the Laboratory section in the zombies game menu. This is before you actually start a round.

You would be able to notice the “Concoctions” heading where the amount of Nebulium Plasma bottles you earn lets you purchase elixirs coming in three packages.

The Nebulium Plasma is the main ingredient you use to purchase the packages consisting of the Elixirs and Talismans at the Laboratory. The amount of these bottles you get depend on the more you level up in a match and the longer you survive.

So depending on how you perform overall, you may expect to obtain six bottles of Nebulium Plasma around reaching level 15th or so. The three packages you can choose from in the Laboratory are:

  • Carbon Combo for 30 Nebulium Plasma bottles. This will earn you three random Elixirs along with a Talisman.
  • Palladium Package for 75 Nebulium Plasma bottles gets you two random elixirs but a guaranteed Talisman and rare or better Elixir.
  • Argon Array for 45 Nebulium Plasma bottles. In addition to three random Elixirs, you will be guaranteed to get a rare or better Elixir. There is also a chance to obtain a Talisman.

After obtaining Elixirs via the above methods, you will unlock them in the ‘Create a class’ menu. From here, you can choose four that you will equip in the actual rounds.

In game, you can use the D-pad on your controller and select the respective Elixir to be used. Elixirs are separated into categories according to their rarities and the higher ones are harder to get, but more worthwhile. You can find them listed below:

Classic Elixirs

Always done Swiftly For a duration of 5 minutes, movement speed is increased while aiming. Whenever you raise or lower a weapon, aiming becomes much easier and quicker.
Anywhere but Here! Gets you out of harm’s way but teleporting you to a random location and there, blasting away the zombies to let you adapt to your new surroundings.
Burned Out The Elixir works until you take three hits of melee damage. Each melee attack landed by an enemy is converted into bursts of fire damaging the zombies around.
Equip Mint Cooldown time is instantly refreshed on all equipment.
Head Scan For a duration of two minutes, Headshots are very likely to insta-kill an enemy.
Nowhere but There Instantly teleport to a downed players location to revive him or her.
Newtonian Negation Purely for fun purposes, for 25 minutes, any zombies killed will float upwards contrary to what Newton might have thought.
Stock Option Ammo is taken from your stockpile instead of your weapon’s magazine.
Anti Entrapment For a duration of thirty seconds, you gain invulnerability to any traps set by players.
Point Drops Sacrifice 500 of your points in a round in exchange for a power up.
Pop Shocks For a total of five melee attacks, you can cause extra damage to zombies with electric shock status effect.
Arsenal Accelerator For five minutes, recharge your special weapon way quicker.
Aftertaste Your perks will not be lost on getting downed. The Elixir only lasts for one revive.
Temporal Gift For five minutes, power ups will last longer.
Now you See Me All zombies, no matter their location, will chase after you for 15 seconds. Scary indeed.

Common Elixirs

Ctrl + Z For 15 seconds, two standard zombies are converted into allies supporting you in your battle against the undead.
Dead of Nuclear Winter You activate a Nuke Power up.
In Plain Sight Zombies become oblivious to your activity for 10 seconds.
Licensed Contractor You are granted a Carpenter Power up.
Phantom Reload For four minutes, there’s a high chance reloading a weapon won’t consume ammo at all.
Who’s Keeping Score? You get access to a double points power up.
Sword Flay For a minute, melee attacks will be five times as damaging as they previously were.

Rare Elixirs

Shields Up Grants a shield.
Kill Joy You get a power up to insta-kill enemy.
Immolation Liquidation You get a power up for Fire Sale.
Alchemical Antithesis For a minute, every 10 points earned is rewarded as 1 ammo in the magazine of the weapon.
Blood Debt For three minutes, you sacrifice points for taking any damage. Of course, when the point count reaches zero, you will start taking damage.
Extra Credit A 1,250 point power up is gained.

Legendary Elixirs

Wall-To-Wall Clearance For thirty seconds, unlock wall buy Fire Sale.
Free Fire For thirty seconds, ammo is not consumed upon firing.
Undead Man Walking For a minute Slow down all zombies to shambling speed.
Power Keg You are granted a Full Power power up.

Epic Elixirs

Wall Power When you first purchase a weapon off a wall, the subsequent purchase would already have the ‘Pack-a-Punch’ effect applied on it.
Join The Party Spectating players will be spawned immediately.
Cache Back A Max Ammo power up is granted.


These are special passive effects that remain with you throughout the round until they’ve demonstrated their use. Talismans are obtained the same way Elixirs are and you will be getting both together as well.

So refer to the Elixirs section above to understand the method of acquiring both Elixirs and Talismans from the Laboratory.

Once you have selected a Talisman from the “Create a Class” menu, you will consume it as soon as the round starts and it cannot be re-used again. Listed below are all Talismans along with their uses.

Common Talismans

Charm of Impatience Respawn near the end of the current round or after 100 zombies have been killed after death
Charm of the Miser Reduced Pack-a-Punch cost
Coagulated Crystal Increases last stand duration
Dimensional Pocket: Acid Bomb Gain an extra Acid Bomb Charge
Dimensional Pocket: Claymore Gain an extra Claymore Charge
Dimensional Pocket: Frag Gain an extra Frag Charge
Dimensional Pocket: Wrath Fire Gain an extra Wrath Fire Charge
Minor Amulet of the 1st Circle Reduces the cost of the Danu/Brew Pack
Frugal Fetish Reduces the cost the shield
Energized Amulet Increases earn rate of Special Weapon Experience
Minor Amulet of the 2nd Circle Reduces the cost of the Ra/Cola Pack
Minor Amulet of the 3rd Circle Reduces the cost of the Zeus/Soda Pack
Minor Amulet of the 4th Circle Reduces the cost of the Odin/Tonic Pack
Minor Token of Superiority Start the match with a SMG
Minor Virtuoso’s Charm First box pull is guaranteed to be a box only weapon

Rare Talismans

Dimensional Pocket: Sentry Sentry only consumes 50% Charge
Major Amulet of the 1st Circle Start the game with the Danu/Brew Pack
Major Amulet of the 2nd Circle Start the game with the Ra/Cola Pack
Major Amulet of the 3rd Circle Start the game with the Zeus/Soda Pack
Major Amulet of the 4th Circle Start the game with the Odin/Tonic Pack
Minor Reinforced Charm Increased Shield durability
Major Virtuoso’s Charm First box pull is guaranteed to be an LMG
Major Token of Superiority Start the match with an AR

Legendary Talismans

Charged Crystal Start with Level 2 Weapon
Grand Amulet of the 1st Circle The Danu/Brew Perk can never be Lost
Grand Amulet of the 2nd Circle The Ra/Cola Perk can never be Lost
Grand Amulet of the 3rd Circle The Zeus/Soda Perk can never be Lost
Grand amulet of the 4th Circle The Odin/Tonic Perk can never be Lost
major reinforced Charm Greatly Increased Shield Durability

Epic Talismans

Grand Token of Superiority Start the Match with an LMG
Sigil of the 4th Circle Gain the modifier for Odin/Tonic Perk when you acquire it, even if you do not have the first three
Supercharged Crystal Start with Level 3 Special Weapon

IX High-Round Strategies

On difficult maps, especially IX where zombies and mini-bosses will constantly swarm you in sheer numbers, the fight can become almost unfair. That is why we have decided to include some useful and relevant tips for each map.

Deemed the toughest map by many players as of late, not only do you battle zombies but a ferocious tiger as well.

Additionally, in the labyrinthine layout, gladiator zombies and standard ones will always be at your back and would not give you a moment to breathe.

Your primary strategy would be to first grab Homunculus from the Mystery Boxes on the map.

Then, you would need to equip the “Equip Mint” classic Elixir to refresh any cooldown times and equipment is regained, so your two Homunculus slots are refilled with the Elixir.

When it comes to the perks, the “Time Slip” perk, along with its modifier, will greatly reduce the cooldown on Elixirs and equipment.

The other two important ones are “Dying Wish” to keep fighting even when you are near the downed state and the “Quick Revive” so health is regenerated faster and you can survive for long.

You can go with anything on the last perk, but we recommend choosing the ‘Electric Burst’ to damage enemies even when reloading.

For the specialist weapon, the Hammer of Valhalla to cause incredible shock damage and stun via Thunder Strike and Lightning Bolt.

Alternatively, a second choice should be the Viper and Dragon special weapon as it will really help in taking out hordes of zombies but may struggle against stronger enemies like the gladiators. The firearm could be any fast-firing assault rifle.

The strategy is to roam around the Inner sanctum room, running loops, while using the Homunculus to distract enemies and using the full power of your firearms to deal damage.

Keep moving around the round until you charge your special weapon, the Hammer, at which point take full advantage of it to deal some extra damage, especially to the boss enemies.

Reloading the weapon occasionally will ensure the electric shock stuns the enemies a little so you can rush away. That is all you need to carry out to excel on the IX map.

Voyage of Despair High-Round Strategies

As of now, the map has been receiving criticism for being too harsh especially when the points system is concerned.

Players are having quite a hard time getting the High Rounds on it but for what it’s worth, we will be discussing a short strategy that could get you a little high up.

Near the stairs region, you will have spawn points very close to each other as well as services like the Pack-a-Punch and weapons off walls, so we recommend sticking around this area.

It is essential to Pack-a-Punch your weapon, presumably assault rifle, as the fight really gets too tough. You need all the ammo and damage you can get as every bullet counts.

Of course, a Wonder Weapon will make the job much easier, so see if you can stick around long enough.

Overall, it will be best to see if Treyarch rolls up a patch to ease up the difficulty for this map as currently, it stands as one of the toughest ones in the Zombie mode.

Blood of the Dead High-Round Strategies

Before anything, equip the Time Slip perk on the Tonic machine. This will help you recharge specialized weapons faster and have your equipment recharged quicker due to reduced cooldown times.

The recommended specialized weapon is the Ragnarok DG-5 as it causes quite some damage and stuns in a huge radius of attack.

Your Wonder Weapon here will be the Spectral Shield which you can upgrade several times to highly beneficial effects.

Although more of a defensive strategy, the shield will block attacks from the rear when not equipped and from the front when equipped so the protection is two-fold.

Soon, you will need to craft the Magmagat that is the final variation of the Blundergat Wonder Weapon.

Aiming and shooting the Magmagat at the ground will attract dozens of zombies only for them to be burned to crisps. This Wonder Weapon can even be used to deal with Brutus, the boss enemy on this map.

Again, shoot the Magmagat at the floor, twice or thrice, and the boss would take enough damage and die quicker than you can count to 10.

Summoning Champions on IX

First, we will advise you to pick up weapons, preferably, assault rifles or SMGs with high fire-rate. You can use either the Mystery Box or the walls to purchase the weapons.

A Wonder Weapon, like the Death of Orion, will definitely help in racking up enough points until you could be able to summon up the champions.

Next, you will be able to ring any one of the four gongs around the map. This will trigger the emergence of two heavily armored champions who will only be vulnerable to gunfire at the head and arms section.

Although the gongs appear in narrow areas with many blind-corners, your team can quickly move to a wider and more open area to deal with the champions. Use the full force of your firearms and specialized weapons to end the gladiators.

IX Easter Egg Songs

As is the case with previous COD games, interacting with certain items on the map will cue a sound that only lasts for a little bit.

However, if you managed to interact with all the items that are capable of producing the special sound effect, you will be treated to a completely secret song.

Here you need to shoot four different colored coins kept in four different towers. You will immediately recognize them by their shine, though they are actually small.

The first one is located under the wooden staircase situated towards the entrance of Danu Tower. For the second one, head to the Burial Chamber of Ra Tower and move near the brazier to find the coin between two chests.

The third coin is lying right next to the Mystery Box in Zeus Altar Room while for the last coin, crouch and shoot it as it lies below a metal grating near the entrance of Odin’s Tower.

Classified Easter Egg Songs

To trigger the Easter Egg song here, you need to interact with three vodka bottles riddled around the map. The first one is under the terminal in the corner of War Room’s Lower Level.

The second one is in the Central Filing section towards the back, where you will find the bottle atop the cabinets. The last one is in the Porcine Research Laboratory towards the back and left corner of the area, where you will find the bottle in a cabinet.

Blood of the Dead Easter Egg Songs

You will uncover this secret song while working on acquiring the Gold Spork Wonder Weapon. After you have obtained the Warden’s Key, which drops from Brutus, the boss enemy, you need to make your way to the Warden’s Office.

Here, you will be able to visualize three secretly hidden numbers within the office room. Note them down and then head to the location of the cage at the bottom of Citadel Tunnels.

Input the numbers on the padlock and you will have triggered the Easter Egg.

Voyage of Despair Easter Egg Songs

Again, four coins need to be shot at to trigger the secret song. The first coin is near the wooden crate found at the bottom of the staircase in Forecastle. For the next one, search between the wire roller and a crate in Poop Deck.

The Lower Grand Staircase area has the coin high up, stuck in the ceiling. Aim up from the staircase to shoot the glowing coin. The final coin is situated on the small luggage raft at Sun Deck. Shoot it to trigger the song.


Trophies/Achievements in this particular mode can only be earned when you are playing online, be it solo or with friends. However, the “Zombie 101” Trophy is unlocked offline after you play through the tutorial for the mode.

Also, avoid custom games, as they will not let you earn any trophies. Below are individual trophies particular to each map in the mode.

Zombie Rush Mode
Rush Mode is an Arcade Mode where you perform kills without being hit a single time. The high scores can then be compared with other players around the world.

Although zombies are a bit tougher, there are multiple revives and all purchases for ammo and weapons is completely free.

Your goal is to reach a score multiplier of 100 or more for this Trophy. Each time you kill a zombie, the multiplier goes up by a point. You can also increase your multiplier by collecting yellow symbols and nukes. Just avoid being hit.

As soon as you reach x100 multiplier, the Achievement will pop up.

High Score
Once you manage to rack up 250k points, the Trophy will unlock. Equip the Overkill Gatling gun from the ‘Create a class’ menu before you head into the round. Try to keep the multiplier going, just as you did for the ‘Multiplicitous’ Trophy.

Team Player
Be it two players or four, the team’s goal is to score 500k points in total, altogether. Again, use the Overkill weapon and get the multiplier going and each player would require just a little over 100k points to get the job done.

Zombie 101
Complete both the Beginner and Advanced versions of the tutorial mode.

Straw Purchase
Gift any Wonder Weapon obtained from a Mystery Box to a teammate. The easiest one is on Blood of the Dead map, where you can acquire the Blundergat from the box. When your pal accepts the gift, the Trophy will unlock.

Prestigious Award
Raise XP of 25 weapons in the mode to the max level. This is done by getting more kills via the weapon. Therefore, it is just time-consuming requiring multiple replays of matches on different maps.

Jack of All Blades, Master of Guns
Again level up all the weapons, this time all the eight specialist weapons to stage three. Get more kills from that particular weapon to earn more XP.

The Doctor is in
This job is best completed with the help of two players. One should attract more than 10 zombies around him.

The other, the one who aims to get the Trophy, should slide down from a height of 10 feet and kill 10 zombies while sliding using the PhD Slicer Perk.

Perkaholic Relapse
Your goal for this Trophy is to acquire all Zombies Perks in a single game.

This is done via the ‘Secret Sauce’ perk that grants you a random perk each time you use it. So equipping it from the ‘Create a class’ menu is necessary. Keep using the perk in the game and eventually, you will unlock the Trophy.

My Home is the Arena
To earn this Trophy, you will need to reach wave 20 without opening a single gate.

This means you need to say goodbye to any Pack-a-Punch or Mystery Boxes locked behind the doors. Do not play with bots who will be stupid enough to open the gates.

Rely on evasion skills and your specialist weapon. Survive through the twenty rounds and the Trophy is yours. Arguably, the whole thing is much easier with ‘casual’ difficulty and playing with friends.

Venerated Warrior
You get this after triggering a lengthy Easter Egg that results in a boss fight involving two elephants. Defeating them will earn you the Trophy.

All details the Easter Eggs on IX map can be found in our IX Easter Egg Guide.

Skilled Adversary
Out of the four banners in the arena section, you need to knife the rope of anyone to trigger a series of short and easy challenges.

There will be nine in total and they will be random along the lines of getting X number of melee kills, or killing enemies via explosives etc.

After each challenge, head to the podium and collect your reward there. After completing all nine challenges, the Achievement will pop up.

The Slaughterhouse
Check your mini-map and head to ‘The Pit’ on the map.

There you will need to use your crafted Spectral Shield Wonder Weapon to shoot around the body region of the zombies.

This will rip their limbs apart and earn you that Trophy.

Gong like the Wind
After you have opened the doors to all towers within the first five minutes of the starting round, you will need to ring all four gongs.

This summons up some formidable enemies or challengers that you will need to put down. Elixirs and Talismans are key here. The challengers include four tigers, 3 knights, and a berserker zombie. Eliminate all eight to get the Trophy.

Gift of Serket
This again involves triggering a particular Easter Egg on the map. You’ll find more details IX Easter Egg Guide.

Here Kitty, Kitty
Firstly, from the challenges that you attempted for the ‘Skilled Adversary’ Trophy, you will be receiving a Pack-a-Punched Strife.

Now trigger all the four gongs as you did for ‘Gong like the wind’ Trophy and place heads of each of the boss enemy on the spikes located in the Temple or the Pack-a-Punch room.

Now simply use the Pack-a-Punch machine on your Strife and keep spending 2500 points until you imbue it with the BrainRot effect. Shooting this Strife now on a tiger will cause it to attack another zombie tiger, earning you the Trophy in the process.

Acidic Alchemy
You need to utilize all Acid Traps and get at least one kill with each trap. All details can be found in our Wonder Weapons Locations Guide.

Constellation Prize
Use the Death of Orion Wonder Weapon and eliminate nine zombies with a single uncharged shot.

Abandon Ship
Complete the trial for the map.

Off the Deep End
Avoid using the water wheels to drain the water in either ‘Cargo Hold’ or ‘Engine Room’ up to round 20, and you will be good to go for the Trophy.

A little, Pack Here, a little Punch There
Use the Pack-a-Punch service at all four locations on the map: Engine Room, The Grand Staircase, Poop Deck and Cargo Hold.

Rock, Paper, Plasma
After you have reached level 20 and above, you will notice burning, lava-riddled zombies surrounding you. Eliminate them to cause an explosion and kill surrounding zombies.

You get this Trophy after Catalytic Detonations kill nine zombies in such a way.

I Know a Shortcut
Unlock and use all eight fast-travel points on the map. These are glowing red portals and will require you to spend 500 points if you were to interact with them.

You can unlock these after collecting all the Sentinel Artifacts.

Interact with the portals in Poop Deck, Forestcastle, Millionaire’s Suite, Turbine, Cargo, two Boiler Room, and Ship Deck. You would need to drain water from some of the rooms to fully reveal the fast travel portals.

Stoking the Flames
Target the Stoker enemy on its weak point and eliminate it by concentrating damage there. It is easy to do in rush mode and on casual difficulty.

Spend five successive rounds in the Cargo Hold area be it drained or otherwise. The water level is controlled by the lever or water wheel on the right of the room.

A high water level slows down zombies but may prove to be harder for you to shoot them. Either way, do not leave the area and survive for five consecutive waves to get the Trophy.

Swimming with the Fishes
If you are already in the Cargo Hold area for the above Trophy, just eliminate 50 zombies in a single session while they are underwater to earn the Trophy. Alternatively, you can raise the water level in the Engine Room and kill off 50 zombies there.

Kraken Unfettered
After unlocking the Kraken Wonder Weapon, which you get from the Mystery Box, shoot 9 zombies in a straight line so the shot can penetrate through each one of them, killing them in the process.

Trialling Experience
Just head to the Poop Deck region of the map and interact with the floating Sentinel Artifact symbol to earn the Trophy.

West Side for Life
Keep to the left side of the island and do not open the gate to the Catwalks when the power is switched on. If you are playing with bots, keep them away from the gates so they do not open it.

Most Escape Alive
Complete the campaign related to this map. Escape the island!

Paranormal Patch Up
After you have built the Spectral Shield Wonder Weapon, proceed to charge it up by collecting three zombie souls or more by killing the zombies with the weapon.

Then use the shield blast attack of the shield on a downed teammate to revive him. Once he will be up and running, you will earn the Trophy.

Hot Stuff Coming Through
All you need to do is obtain a Blundergat and upgrade it all the way to the Magmagat Wonder Weapon. All details can be found in Wonder Weapons Locations Guide.

Match Made in Hell
When the Warden is chasing after you, head to gondola either in the docks region or the highest floor in the region of the cell.

It is understood, that the power should have been activated before you activate the gondola while the Warden is in it. Survive for the remainder of the ride to earn the Achievement.

Senseless Axe of Violence
Use the Hell Redeemer, kill the maximum number of zombies.

Gat Trick
You managed to kill the Warden with every variation of the powerful shotgun: Blundergat, Acidgat, and Magmagat.

Historical Reenactment
You managed to unlock and equip Hell’s Retriever, Spoon, Blundergat and Tommy Gun, all at the same time.

For the Wonder Weapons, refer to our Wonder Weapons, as for the Tommy Gun, it is a wall purchase in the docks region.

Throw a Dog a Bone
You need to feed a zombie to three wolf heads situated on the map. The first one is in Model Industries, the second in Citadel in the prison area and the last one in the gondola near the Warden’s house.

Simply kill the zombies around the head to earn the Trophy.

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