Black Ops 4 Zombies Elixirs Guide

Consumables have been a part of the zombies game mode in Call of Duty but never before in a manner and scale as large as this. Our Black Ops 4 Zombies Elixirs Guide will be walking you through all of the consumables that are at your disposal when you are shredding down hordes and activating various different machines in Zombies mode.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Elixirs

There are lots of consumables that you can use. They last for a short amount of time and you are allowed to select four of them for the length of the match.

We will be looking at all of them one by one so that you are aware of how they can be used and whether or not it is worth taking any of them with you.

You can earn Elixirs through the Laboratory. You can use the Nebulium Plasma to purchase various different Elixirs and then add them to your inventory using the Create a Class menu.

Classic Elixirs

Elixir Effects
Always Done Swiftly You can move faster when aiming down sights. It lasts 5 minutes.
Anywhere But Here! Teleport nearby and knock back all zombies near you.
Burned Out Emit a burst of fire when you take melee damage. It lasts three hits.
Equip Mint Cooldown is refreshed on all equipment.
Head Scan Your headshots can insta-kill. It lasts 2 minutes.
Nowhere But There You teleport to a downed player.
Newtonian Negation Killed zombies fall straight up for 25 minutes.
Stock Option Your stockpile’s ammo is used instead of inventory.
Anti-Entrapment You cannot take damage from player traps.
Point Drops Power up drops 500 of your points.
Pop Shocks For five hits, melee attacks have chained damage.
Arsenal Accelerator Your special weapon charges faster for 5 minutes.
Aftertaste You keep your perks upon revival. Can only be used once.
Temporal Gift Power-ups last longer for 5 minutes.
Now You See Me All zombies chase you for 15 seconds.

Common Elixirs

Elixir Effects
Ctrl + Z Two zombies near you become allies for 15 seconds.
Dead of Nuclear Winter A nuke power-up item will spawn for you.
In Plain Sight Zombies will ignore you for 10 seconds.
Licensed Contractor A Carpenter power-up item will spawn for you.
Phantom Reload Chance for you to reload without any ammo cost for 4 minutes.
Who’s Keeping Score? You get a Double Points power-up item.
Sword Flay Your melee attacks do 5x damage for 1 minute.

Rare Elixirs

Elixir Effects
Shields Up You get a new shield.
Kill Joy Spawns an instakill power-up item.
Immolation Liquidation Spawns a Fire Sale power-up item.
Alchemical Antithesis You get one ammo in your pile for every 10 points. It lasts 1 minute.
Blood Debt For 3 minutes, lose points before you start losing health.
Extra Credit You get a 1250 points power-up item.

Legendary Elixirs

Elixir Effects
Wall-to-Wall Clearance For 30 seconds, you get a sale on wall buys.
Free Fire No ammo consumption for 30 seconds.
Undead Man Walking Zombies slowed down for 1 minute.
Powder Keg A full power-up item is spawned

Epic Elixirs

Elixir Effects
Wall Power Second wall purchase already has Pack a Punch effect on it.
Join the Party All spectators are revived instantly.
Cache Back You get a max ammo power-up item.

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