Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Dead of the Night Optional Easter Eggs Guide

Our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Dead of the Night optional Easter Eggs Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about finding them.

There is the main Easter Egg in Dead of the Night which you can go through, but there are also a few different optional Easter eggs which you can find if you want to. Our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Dead of the Night Optional Easter Eggs Guide will take you through all of these Easter Eggs.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Dead of the Night Optional Easter Eggs

The map itself is a prequel to the IX and Voyage of Despair maps. It is a part of the first DLC which was released on December 11, 2018. There are numerous secrets on the map, and we are eager to reveal them to you.

Let us go ahead and take a look at all of the Easter eggs. The Crossbow is perhaps the most important one, and it is quite easy to unlock. We will tell you how to get it among other rewards.

Remember that we will continue to add more secrets as we discover them, so check back at a later date!

Wooden Stake Crossbow – Savage Impaler

This weapon is great if you use it against Vampires. Vampires are one of the most difficult creatures to deal with on the map as of yet and the Impaler will help you take them out.

It is a single shot weapon that fires quite fast, and accurate players will be able to make full use of its damage.


Melee 6 Candles
At the start, you need to find a total of 6 different candles in the map and knife them. The candles can be found in the Music Room, Master Bedroom, Study, East Gallery, Dining Room, and the Wine Cellar.

Once you have done this, you can move onto the next step.

Get to the Tombstone
Now, you need to go to the forest and make your way to the Pack a Punch machine. After that, move to the right side to find a grave that has a swirling pattern on it.

Interact with the tomb and you will enter a zombie rush mode during which your screen starts to bleed. You can enter this mode multiple times but only once during a round for each of the players in your party.

The Ghost
When you enter the zombie rush mode, make your way to the Mansion to find a ghost. The ghost is randomly spawned so look in all of the rooms. Stay near the ghost and get her to the Mausoleum.

Once there, she will tell you that she will help you. After this, she will spawn zombies that are glowing blue. Kill them to get the 2 rings, necklace, and watch.

Ritual Circle
Once you have the 4 items, you need to head inside the Mausoleum and interact with all of the circles that are on the floor to place the required items in there.

Whenever you place an item correctly, you will see the circle change to blue. Once you are in the circle, there will be a total of 6 vampires for you to complete. The entire circle will turn blue once you have completed all of the requirements correctly.

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, move to the Cemetery and interact with the tomb that can be found beside the stairs.

The tomb will shift forward and you will be able to enter the crypt to get your Wonder Weapon. Once you pick up the weapon, a lockdown challenge will begin.

Mystery Song and Rewards

You can unlock the Mystery Song quite easily by going through 4 colored coins. You need to find them and shoot them. If they explode, it means you did it correctly.

The first coin is in the Main Hall underneath the table right opposite the Mozu buy. The second coin is in the East Hallway, right behind the door that leads to the Dining area.

The third coin can be found if you head to the Wine Cellar. It is inside a broken barrel near the stairs. The last coin is in the Library behind the statue. Look down on it from the edge of the balcony to get the best angle.

You can also get random rewards if you go to the pool table and shoot the balls into the pockets in ascending order. If you succeed, a reward spawns.

Otherwise, a grenade is spawned. That is not the only place to get a reward, as you can go to the leaking barrels in the Wine Cellar and knife them in order from the fastest dripping one to the slowest.

If correct, a secret room will be unlocked with a power-up.

Jump Scare

Just like in many of the previous zombie maps, you can unlock a jump scare if you want. There are colored crystals that you use to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Simply interact with the same crystal many times and the jump scare will be activated.

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