Black Ops 4 to Get Fixes for Kill Credit, Zombies, Item Management and More

Black Ops 4 developers are rolling out constant updates for Blackout beta. Armor is getting nerfed and changes to item pickups are being made. However, there is a lot more to come for the beta as well as the final game.

There were reports that players are not being credited properly with kills, this will change with upcoming updates for the beta as well as in the final game. Moreover, those having issues with going down ladders will see improvements as well.

Kill Credit: We’ve seen that there are certain situations where players are not being properly credited for kills. We’re looking to track down all the different scenarios where this happens and will fix them for launch.

Ladders: We’re aware that a number of players have had issues backing down ladders. The team is considering ways to address this. Adjustments to climbing down ladders may not make it into the Beta, but we’re looking at it in time for launch. As a reminder, it’s always faster to base jump if you’re high enough. Sprint towards the edge and press and hold the Jump button.

Reporting Bad Behavior: As we mentioned in our first update, we’re continuing to track bad player behavior with our security team and have been banning users for intentional team killing. If you encounter this or other bad behavior in-game, you can be part of the solution by using the “Report Player” system in the Social menu to report:

Offensive Language

Zombies: Zombies can attack you from a range we didn’t intend. We are testing the fix for this right now.

Item Distribution: This important game system governs how many of which type of Item (be it a Weapon, Perk Consumable, Backpack, Attachment, or anything else) appears at any Destination, in a Supply Drop, or in a Stash. We continue to slowly refine the quantity, frequency, and quality of those Items.

Black Ops 4 beta is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12.

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