Black Ops 4 Specialists HQ Missions Guide – Classes, Skirmish Missions

Owing to the lack of the main campaign in Black Ops 4, you can still carry out cinematic missions that give you a brief idea about the Specialists that you will be playing as in the different modes of the game. In our Black Ops 4 Specialists HQ Missions Guide, we have included all Skirmish Test Missions and the respective maps you will be playing them on as different Specialists.

Black Ops 4 Specialists HQ Missions

Specialists are class-based characters that are playable in the Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Mode or the new to the series, the Blackout Battle Royale Mode. There are 10 Specialists in BLOPS4.

In addition to the standard ones, there are some unique Specialists which are only unlocked if you carry out certain Character Missions.

The HQ Missions serve as some sort of tutorials that introduce you to the Specialist you will be playing as.

You will get a hang of the many mechanics including the use of the Specialists’ unique weapon of choice, their movement and some bits of lore about them.

At the end of the completion of these tutorials, you gain access to the Skirmish Missions of each specialist that you can try out at regular and veteran difficulties.


However, do note that Skirmish Missions are exclusive to a particular mode and map for each character.

Specialist Class Skirmish Mission
Ajax Tank Unit Team Deathmatch on Arsenal
Battery Explosive Unit Domination on Contraband
Crash Support Unit Kill Confirmed on Gridlock
Firebreak Fire Unit Hardpoint on Contraband
Nomad Hunter Unit Search and Destroy on Frequency
Prophet Tactical Unit Free for All on Seaside
Recon As the name suggests, Recon Unit Control on Seaside
Ruin Assault Unit Hardpoint on Payload
Seraph Tactical Unit Control on Hacienda
Torque Engineer Unit Team Deathmatch on Frequency

These are all the Black Ops 4 Specialists HQ Missions. We will continue to update the guide with more info. in days to come.

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